A PACKET of dry roasted peanuts and a pint of ale may suffice for many pub goers.

But at one High Wycombe pub, where quirkiness is king, there is so much more on offer, including an art gallery.

Unusualness reigns supreme at the Belle Vue in Gordon Road, whose landlord delights in providing as wide a range of entertainment and activities as could be imagined – from knitting to ukuleles to beer festivals.

Alan J Hedgecock, 37, is the landlord.

He said: “It's bit more than a place to just come after work for a drink, you can come here and have an experience which I like.

“I think it kind of embodies Wycombe's bohemian spirit being a multicultural town.

“It's very diverse, with the gallery and things like that but it's an ale house as well. It's a probably little hub of the community. I love quirks.”

The pub's snug bar has been transformed into an art gallery.

“The idea is to get some local artists to show some of their work for a few works, it's essentially free they just have to advertise it to bring people to the pub,” he explained.

Having been a photographer and struggling artist in his younger years he realised how hard it was to get a breakthrough.

So the Snug Gallery gives opportunities to up and coming Monets and David Baileys.

Currently, a collective art show is up on display.

Furthermore, the pub has a ukulele club, with an instructor teaching George Fornby style tunes and a group for literature, who read new books and recite poetry.

Alan said: “We're trying to create these community social events where people of a kindred mind get together.

“We've also got a bunch of girls who come to knit the last Wednesday of every month, that's become quite big with quite a few coming along for that.”

Music is also important, with many of the regulars playing instruments of some kind.

A vinyl night is now getting started up, for retro enthusiasts and every Saturday there are live bands. Jonny Cash tribute act Splash the Cash are regulars.

Jam sessions and open mic nights also take place.

Two beer festivals are held annually – in April and October.

So if you want a bit more than a gin and tonic and packet of ready salted crisps, the Belle Vue may be just the place for you.