Cycling and a love of photography have paid off for West Watford resident Kris Matyskiewicz as he scoops the top prize in the amateur category of the Barclays London By Bike photography competition.

Kris’ stunning shot was selected from a total of 1,000 entries. His inspiring photograph showcases two of London’s best cultural icons, Big Ben and the London Eye, in a shot featuring a silhouetted cyclist on the Southbank.

“I was very surprised to win,“ says Kris. “I didn’t expect it. In the picture it looks like mist but it was just a taxi passing by and the fumes were reacting with the evening light. I’d noticed how good the light looked and was just waiting until something happened. It took 100 photos to get that picture – I was sitting in that place for quite a while.“

Kris, 33, moved to Watford last September, having previously lived in Harrow where he works as a school caretaker. Although photography is just a hobby, he is passionate about it and he particularly likes taking pictures of cities. He tells me he often cycles to St Albans but also spends a lot of time in London with his Nikon D90 SLR camera. Kris is eagerly awaiting his prize, which includes a luxury London cycling weekend prize package. His iconic shots will also be available as free postcards in 300 Barclays branches across the city and the South East.

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