STAGING an open air production is always risky especially at the end Of May, but Fourways were exceptionally fortunate in that their first two shows at Wycombe High School were staged in brilliant sunshine.

It was overcast the evening we went but quite mild and the rain stayed off. The setting was superb- an intimate little bower with superb entrances and exits.

This delightful Shakespeare comedy has lots of laughs and some rather poignant scenes which were carried off to perfection.

Cleverly directed by Barney Powell who also had a small part the play moved along at a good pace with no pauses and the cast were word perfect.

With a very strong cast together with some delightful and well disciplined youngsters it would be unfair to single out anyone in particular, suffice to say there was not a weak link.

The comedy was brought to the fore which delighted the audience. Lighting and sound were both well executed and being in the open air there was no need for scenery with the exception of a bench, a few stools and an open ended barrel which was put to good use.

The wardrobe mistress is to be commended on the costumes. The military men in their high boots looked particularly fetching and the ladies dresses were delightful.

This was another first rate performance that we have come to expect of Fourways, they have a large following and it is easy to see why, they offer a wide variety of plays from the serious to the very funny and the audience is never disappointed. Well done Fourways an excellent evening’s entertainment.