MPs: Peter Lilley MP; Patrick O'Flynn MEP;

Hitchin and Harpenden (House of Commons)

Rt Hon. Peter Lilley MP (Conservative)

Surgery: 6th September 2013 Wheathampstead Hewitt Room, Wheathampstead Memorial Hall, Marford Road, Wheathampstead AL4 8AY 3:00 - 6:00pm

13th September 2013
Hitchin St. Michael's Mount Community Centre, St. Michael's Road, Hitchin SG4 0QY
3:00 - 6:00pm

11th October 2013
Kimpton The Green Room, Kimpton Memorial Hall, Hall Lane, Kimpton SG4 8SA
3:00 - 6:00pm

18th October 2013
Harpenden All Saints Church Hall, Station Road, Harpenden AL5 4UU 3:00 - 6:00pm

8th November 2013
Hitchin Graveley Village Hall, High Street, Graveley, Hitchin SG4 7LE 3:00 - 6:00pm

22nd November 2013
Redbourn Redbourn Parish Centre, The Park, Redbourn AL3 7LR 3:00 - 6:00pm

6th December 2013
Hitchin West Mill Community Centre, John Barker Place, Hitchin SG5 2PG 3:00 - 6:00pm

Surgery Tel: 01582 834344

MP Since - 1983 Majority - 15,271 Born - 23/08/1943. Married.
Education - Dulwich College, London; Clare College, Cambridge.
Previous Occupation - Economic Advisor in developing countries (1966-72), Investment Advisor on North Sea Oil and Energy Industries (1972-84), Director of the Conservative Research Department (1979-83). Partner, W. Greenwall & Co (1979-86), Director Great Western Resources Ltd (1985-87) & Greenwell Montague Stockbrokers (1986-87). Author.
Personal Overview - Tending to the Thatcherite right in the Conservative Party, He quickly advanced into Government, spending 5 years as Social Security Secretary before the 1997 General Election. He unsuccessfully stood in the 1997 Conservative leadership campaign (later backing William Hague), and was subsequently made Shadow Chancellor. Often appears to have a good knowledge of the detail of an issue, but does not always possess the best oratory skills in the House of Commons. Was involved in a controversial new 'post Thatcherite interpretation' about the direction of the Conservative party, and was removed from the Shadow Cabinet in the 1999 reshuffle. Gained a higher profile under the David Cameron leadership, chairing the Party's Global Poverty Group, particularly when Bob Geldof agreed to become a non partisan advisor to the group.
Political History - Chairman of the Bow Group (1973-75). MP St Albans (1983-97), Hitchin & Harpenden (1997-). PPS to Lord Bellwin & William Waldegrave at the Department of the Environment (1984), & to Nigel Lawson Chancellor of the Exchequer (1984-87). Economic Secretary to the Treasury (1987-89), Financial Secretary to the Treasury (1989-90), Secretary of State for Trade & Industry (1990-92), Secretary of State for Social Security (1992-97). Chairman of the Conservative Back Bench Finance Committee (1997-98). Member of the Energy and Climate Change Select Committee (2012-). Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer (1997-98), Deputy Conservative Party Leader (1998-99). Chairman of the Conservative Globalisation and Global Poverty Group (2006-).
Characteristics - Fellow of the Institute of Petroleum (1978). Privy Counsellor (1990).

Business Tel: 020 7219 4577


Interests: European Issues,UK Economy,General Trade & Industry,Energy,General Economy,Education & Training,Discrimination,Health,Social Security

Commitee membership
  • Energy and Climate Change Committee (Member)
  • Agriculture and Food for Development Group (Member)
  • Extraordinary Rendition Group (Member)
  • Overseas Development Group (Member)
  • Parliament First Group (Member)
  • Trade out of Poverty Group (Chairman)
  • All-Party Parliamentary Group on Haiti (Member)
  • British Kyrgystan Group (Member)


Eastern (European Parliament)

Mr Patrick O'Flynn MEP (UKIP)

MEP Since - 2014. Born - 19.
Education - School in Cambridge. Cambridge University (Economics). King's College, London.
Previous Occupation - Worked on the Political Desk of the Daily Express (1996). Former Political Editor, Daily Express. Chief Political Commentator, Daily Express (2005-14). UKIP Director of Communications (2014-).

Personal Overview - Entered the European Parliament from first place on the UKIP list at the 2014 elections. Originally from Cambridge, with an 18 year career background working in the Newspaper industry. He has made the move from commenting on the state of the political landscape to actually taking part in politics itself. While at the Daily Express he was involved in taking the Papers' editorial policy to a position of withdrawal from the European Union. He was also one of the first to coin the phrase 'squeezed middle' in British politics, which has since been used by politicians from all sides. He became the UKIP Director of Communications shortly before the European elections in the February of 2014. This was seen as somewhat of a coup for UKIP and bringing with it a great deal of media experience to a party which had previously been seen to sometimes lack a coherent communications strategy, particularly when individual representatives such as Godfrey Bloom went 'off message'. With his media honed skill for identifying resonant issues some commentators have even tipped him as a future party leader.

Political History - MEP Eastern Region (2014-). Member of the Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs (2014-).

Other Information - N/a.
Intergroups - N/a.

Business Tel: +32(0)2 28 45337


Interests: Media,Newspaper Industry

Commitee membership
  • Economic & Monetary Affairs (Member)


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