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The tables below show achievement for pupils aged 11 and progress pupils have made between ages 7 and 11.

Key Stage 2 Achievement 2013

School Pupils Level 4 achievement Level 5 achievement Points score
Alderwood Primary24987%22%28.2
Alexander McLeod Primary57071%8%28
Aveley Primary35271%12%27
Bannockburn Primary60293%32%30.7
Baring Primary27183%31%30
Barnehurst Junior (Foundation)24682%23%29.3
Barrington Primary23967%13%27.9
Beam Primary57591%17%28.9
Bean Primary19074%9%27.3
Bedonwell Junior47479%28%29.1
Belmont Primary47682%32%30
Belvedere Junior28768%5%27.6
Benhurst Primary31584%16%29.7
Benyon Primary23742%23%25.9
Bickley Primary36190%43%30.3
Birkbeck Primary46188%24%29.4
Bishop John Robinson C of E Primary23075%29%28.7
Bishop Ridley C of E VA Primary42587%25%29.2
Blenheim Primary and Nursery21543%0%24.4
Bligh Junior21976%22%28.7
Bonnygate Primary31386%10%27.2
Borough Green Primary30054%11%27
Boxgrove Primary41391%32%30.4
Brady Primary21274%26%28.6
Brampton Primary41767%30%28.7
Branfil Primary42085%22%29.4
Brindishe Lee28093%43%31
Brooklands Primary256100%67%31.6
Bulphan C of E Primary8283%8%27.3
Burnt Ash Primary41892%35%31.6
Burnt Oak Junior23583%25%29.7
Bursted Wood Primary47191%34%30.9
Cardwell Primary47594%36%31.5
Castilion Primary39485%24%29.3
Castlecombe Primary23478%11%27.7
Cecil Road Primary and Nursery46076%20%28.8
Chadwell St Mary Primary18589%11%28.3
Chantry Primary24337%0%23.3
Charlton Manor Primary47775%28%28.8
Chelsfield Primary9855%9%27.3
Cherry Orchard Primary23787%48%31.7
Chislehurst (St Nicholas) C of E Primary216100%59%33.2
Christ Church C of E Primary, Shooters Hill19096%54%31.2
Christ Church, Erith,C of E VA Primary36873%5%27.9
Cobham Primary216100%47%31.2
Conway Primary42771%29%28
Cooper's Lane Primary53686%28%29.9
Corbets Tey1060%0%12.6
Crockenhill Primary20667%27%28.6
Crook Log Primary40380%24%29.1
Culverstone Green Primary18579%26%28.2
Cuxton Community Junior18155%10%26.3
Danson Primary45593%40%30.7
Darenth Community Primary13885%8%28.3
Darrick Wood Junior37786%35%30
Dartford Bridge Community Primary23183%50%31.1
Days Lane Primary68090%41%30.6
De Lucy Primary50779%15%28.5
Deansfield Primary48789%49%31
Deneholm Primary39466%21%27.1
Dilkes Primary46785%27%29.9
Discovery Primary496
Dover Road Community Primary51556%13%25.8
Downsview Community Primary16190%20%29.1
Drew Primary45571%25%28
Drumbeat and ASD Service1560%0%12.9
Dulverton Primary43995%43%31.1
Ealdham Primary35790%39%29.4
East Wickham Junior34067%16%27.7
Eastbury Primary79269%7%27.2
Eastcote Primary22786%24%29.4
Edgebury Primary22585%38%30.5
Eglinton Primary53688%25%29.3
Elm Park Primary40080%20%28.4
Eltham C of E Primary30879%24%29.8
Farnborough Primary21997%34%31.1
Fawkham C of E Primary10367%25%28.4
Five Elms Primary51784%14%28
Fleetdown Primary47283%24%28.9
Fossdene Primary37470%16%27.2
Foster's Primary39089%30%29.6
Foxfield Primary57675%10%27.4
Gallions Mount Primary43775%17%27.7
Gallions Primary58179%28%28.8
Gascoigne Primary108360%17%26.4
George Carey C of E Primary38370%35%28.2
Godwin Primary55878%26%28.6
Good Shepherd RC27593%22%28.7
Gordon Primary45298%46%31.9
Gravel Hill Primary25785%23%29.7
Gray's Farm Primary43756%8%26.9
Green Street Green Primary43677%34%28.9
Greenacres Primary and Language Impairment Unit25258%5%25.7
Greenslade Primary23996%18%30
Haberdashers' Aske's Crayford Academy79577%13%28.2
Haberdashers' Aske's Knights Academy150675%16%27.2
Hacton Primary42083%35%30.2
Haimo Primary28892%16%29.2
Halstead Community Primary7338%0%24.7
Hartley Primary38886%40%30.7
Hayes Primary64697%43%31.1
Henwick Primary35269%9%27.7
Heronsgate Primary76385%33%30.2
Herringham Primary37071%20%28.2
Hextable Primary39283%15%28.2
High Firs Primary19774%26%28.7
Higham Primary21186%31%29.3
Hillsgrove Primary43384%34%29.8
Hillside Primary36259%6%25.4
Holy Cross Catholic Primary31775%17%29.3
Holy Family Catholic Primary19987%30%30.5
Holy Innocents Catholic Primary21681%25%29.9
Holy Trinity C of E Primary, Dartford36758%13%26.3
Holy Trinity C of E Primary49579%21%28.8
Holy Trinity Lamorbey C of E Primary43187%36%30.1
Hook Lane Primary45680%29%29.4
Horizon Primary Academy14460%0%25.9
Horn Park Primary38180%16%29.3
Horton Kirby C of E Primary29365%23%28.7
Hunters Hall Primary70684%23%28.6
Hurst Primary63488%31%29.7
Ightham Primary20378%41%30.2
Istead Rise Primary27444%6%25.6
John Perry Primary48278%11%28
Jubilee Primary43384%22%29.6
Kemsing Primary20881%29%28.9
Kidbrooke Park Primary38293%11%29
Kings Farm Primary33023%0%22.7
Knockhall Community Primary45880%25%29.4
La Salette Catholic Primary21093%47%31.4
Langafel C of E Primary24062%6%26.9
Langtons Junior34278%24%29.2
Lansdowne Primary Academy61055%6%26.6
Launcelot Primary44688%29%29.8
Lawn Primary20960%0%25.4
Leesons Primary20872%14%26.8
Lessness Heath Primary61173%8%27.2
Linton Mead Primary48973%13%27.8
Little Thurrock Primary55175%25%28.7
Longlands Primary30775%41%30
Manor Community Primary55693%36%30.7
Manor Oak Primary20350%6%24.8
Manor Primary57870%17%27.7
Marjorie McClure96SUPPSUPPSUPP
Marsh Green Primary30252%9%25.6
Marvels Lane Primary41474%19%27.6
Mayplace Primary45777%16%28.3
Maypole Primary29087%26%29.9
Meopham Community Academy43381%23%29.6
Middle Park Primary39982%10%27.8
Midfield Primary288100%19%29.3
Montbelle Primary45967%18%27.8
Monteagle Primary70563%14%27.1
Mottingham Primary30572%16%28.1
Mulgrave Primary48489%30%29.2
New Ash Green Primary30673%18%28.2
Newtons Primary32661%19%27
Nightingale Primary23386%33%29.7
Normandy Primary55269%11%27.2
Northumberland Heath Primary52879%17%28.9
Northwood Primary20060%23%27.2
Notre Dame Catholic Primary20783%23%29
Oakfield Community Primary56886%23%28.8
Old Bexley C of E Primary70891%43%30.7
Orsett C of E Primary20990%17%30.1
Otford Primary34289%37%30.7
Our Lady of Grace Catholic Primary20790%29%30.4
Our Lady of Hartley Catholic Primary, Hartley, Longfield20688%38%30.3
Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic Primary46985%42%29.9
Our Lady's Catholic Primary, Dartford21790%26%31.2
Painters Ash Primary39366%13%26.9
Parish C of E Primary49181%33%29.5
Parkway Primary25380%23%29.2
Parsloes Primary52671%2%27.1
Parsonage Farm Primary44780%22%27.9
Peareswood Primary29868%14%27.5
Pelham Primary44590%22%29.6
Perry Hall Primary42483%29%29.5
Platt C of E Primary14684%28%28.9
Plumcroft Primary63773%13%27.1
Poverest Primary20776%16%28.2
Pratts Bottom Primary6990%30%29.6
Princes Plain Primary49060%17%26.4
Purfleet Primary39643%2%24.4
Quarry Hill Primary and Pre52563%13%27
Raglan Primary44166%24%27.6
Rainham Village Primary42769%4%26.5
Rangefield Primary44792%25%30
Raynehurst Primary39044%0%25.7
Red Hill Primary67480%18%28.3
Richard Alibon Primary with ARP for Cognitive and Learning Difficulties : SEN Base56277%15%27.4
Riverview Junior48178%24%29.1
Rockliffe Manor Primary24771%25%27.8
Roding Primary94184%18%29
Rosherville C of E Primary13350%10%26.9
Royal Park Primary23676%20%29.3
Rush Green Primary34674%17%28.3
Saint Mary Magdalene C of E Primary37290%59%31.3
Scargill Junior29192%30%30.1
Scotts Park Primary43671%26%28.8
Scotts Primary212100%40%31.4
Seal C of E Primary18282%32%28.6
Sedley's C of E Primary9092%25%28.8
Sevenoaks Primary45589%40%30.6
Shaw Primary40277%16%28.8
Shears Green Junior47174%20%28.7
Sherington Primary47491%34%30.4
Sherwood Park Primary40979%19%27.6
Shoreham Village10086%21%29.3
Shorne C of E Primary20381%19%29.4
Singlewell Primary20993%27%29.5
Slade Green Junior25859%12%27.1
Somers Heath Primary22377%10%27.4
South Rise Primary65788%28%30.2
Southborough Primary42861%7%27.1
Southwood Primary51575%14%28.7
St Alban's Catholic Primary20893%30%30.3
St Anselm's Catholic Primary21480%43%30.4
St Augustine of Canterbury C of E VA Primary21876%10%28.4
St Bartholomew's Catholic Primary, Swanley34089%26%30.7
St Botolph's C of E Primary23877%17%28
St Fidelis Catholic Primary47080%23%29.3
St George's C of E Primary18288%19%29.5
St George's, Bickley, C of E Primary29787%23%30.2
St John Fisher Catholic Primary210100%37%30.7
St John's Catholic Primary, Gravesend71187%18%29.3
St Joseph's Catholic Primary20890%45%30.9
St Joseph's Catholic Primary20990%40%31
St Joseph's Catholic Primary42393%24%30.3
St Joseph's Catholic Primary40576%20%28.6
St Joseph's Catholic Primary, Northfleet21090%37%30.5
St Katharine's Knockholt C of E Primary17788%44%30.2
St Lawrence C of E Primary8083%33%30.5
St Margaret Clitherow Catholic Primary25797%28%29.8
St Margaret Clitherows RC Primary27278%19%29.3
St Margaret's C of E Primary30067%24%28.9
St Mark's C of E Primary42492%37%30.9
St Mary's Catholic Primary318100%30%30.9
St Mary's Catholic Primary47185%38%29.7
St Mary's Catholic Primary42388%28%30
St Mary's C of E Primary22248%11%25.5
St Michael's East Wickham C of E Primary20796%38%30.8
St Patrick's Catholic Primary35092%35%29.8
St Paul's Cray C of E Primary22660%16%26.9
St Paulinus C of E Primary21093%28%30.3
St Pauls' C of E Primary10862%15%27.9
St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary20775%14%28
St Peter Chanel Catholic Primary20386%31%29.8
St Peter's Catholic Primary20886%59%31.9
St Peter's Catholic Primary41978%18%28.3
St Philomena's RC Primary21075%31%28.7
St Stephen's Catholic Primary42090%40%31.1
St Thomas A Beckett RC Primary277100%37%30.8
St Thomas More Catholic Primary20579%29%29.1
St Thomas More Catholic Primary35293%45%30.4
St Thomas of Canterbury Catholic Primary62572%19%28.3
St Vincent's Catholic Primary22694%38%31.1
Stansted C of E Primary6750%0%26.9
Stifford Clays Primary71461%17%27.1
Stifford Primary71467%18%27.8
Stone St Mary's C of E Primary37175%31%29.4
Sutton-at-Hone C of E Primary30674%17%28.8
Suttons Primary20064%18%27.1
Temple Hill Community Primary and Nursery53162%2%25.8
Thames View Junior41179%28%28.8
Thameside Primary53160%2%26.4
The Anthony Roper Primary32289%23%30
The Brent Primary41082%41%29.9
The Business Academy Bexley152671%9%26.7
The Craylands20671%18%28.9
The Gateway Primary Free6766%7%26.5
The Gateway Primary21187%30%29.6
The Highway Primary21381%30%29.3
The James Cambell Primary84364%10%26.2
The James Oglethorpe Primary29970%25%28.3
The Leys Primary36679%24%28.5
The R J Mitchell Primary20690%31%29.4
Thomas Arnold Primary46871%8%27.3
Thorntree Primary25072%20%27.6
Timbercroft Primary41574%14%28
Trottiscliffe C of E Primary6782%18%27.4
Tudor Court Primary77279%30%29.7
Upland Primary45998%20%30.2
Upminster Junior36486%21%29.8
Upton Primary48082%27%29.3
Vigo Village16984%21%29.1
Warren Primary50782%20%29.3
Warren Road Primary84484%34%31
West Hill Primary48681%38%29.8
West Kingsdown C of E VC Primary14941%0%25.1
West Thurrock Primary46493%21%30.2
Westcourt Primary22050%12%25.7
Westgate Primary20553%20%26
Whitehill Primary51588%20%29.8
Whybridge Junior23277%21%28.8
William Ford C of E Primary35588%32%30.4
Willow Bank Primary166
Willow Dene1530%0%12.7
Windrush Primary34397%52%31.9
Wingfield Primary21186%29%29
Winsor Primary55465%9%26.9
Woodhill Primary48660%23%29.8
Woodside Primary46180%30%29.4
Wrotham Road Primary43664%14%27.3
Wyborne Primary45279%31%30.1
Wykeham Primary42069%18%27.3
York Road Junior Academy34154%15%25.9


  • Pupils: pupils eligibile for Key Stage 2 assessment - this number includes pupils absent or unable to access the tests
  • Level 4: percentage of pupils achieving Level 4 or above in reading, writing and maths. Most 11 year olds are expected to achieve at least Level 4 by the end of KS2
  • Level 5: percentage of pupils achieving Level 5 or above in reading, writing and maths - this is above the expected level for most pupils

Includes data supplied by Department for Education 2010-14


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