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The tables below show achievement for pupils aged 11 and progress pupils have made between ages 7 and 11.

Key Stage 2 Achievement 2013

School Pupils Level 4 achievement Level 5 achievement Points score
Pinkwell Primary97970%17%27.8
Manor Mead910%0%12
Reach Academy Feltham88
Ark Academy872
Wembley Primary87074%18%29.1
Lynch Hill Primary Academy85788%28%29.5
Horsenden Primary84979%18%28.9
Fielding Primary83676%27%29.1
Preston Park Primary80685%27%29.6
Gifford Primary76877%26%29.1
Braintcroft Primary76757%9%26.9
Derwentwater Primary75276%26%28.6
Barham Primary75074%33%29.2
Stanley Primary74873%38%29.4
Montem Primary74560%10%26.4
Oakington Manor Primary74287%23%29.2
Willow Tree Primary73965%19%27.5
James Elliman73081%13%28.1
Grange Primary72878%25%29.1
Hayes Park71887%23%29.9
Botwell House Catholic Primary71085%32%29.7
Christ the Saviour C of E Primary70987%39%30.8
Featherstone Primary and Nursery70872%16%27.5
Longfield Primary70782%38%30.1
Orchard Primary70071%18%28
Collis Primary70089%40%31.6
Marlborough Primary70080%24%28.8
Hounslow Town Primary69566%16%26.8
Elmgrove Primary & Nursery68575%24%27.7
Michael Sobell Sinai68381%39%29.9
St James's RC Primary68393%60%32.5
Montpelier Primary67990%34%30.9
Priestmead Primary and Nursery67870%23%28.6
Gladstone Park67478%20%28.7
Sacred Heart Catholic Primary67491%33%30.5
Lady Margaret Primary67181%19%28.7
Cranford Primary65883%35%30
Kingsbury Green Primary64772%23%28.7
Colindale Primary64479%21%29
Parlaunt Park Primary64068%22%28.3
Chatsworth Primary63974%23%28.5
West Lodge Primary63494%46%31.7
Charville Primary63458%15%27.4
North Ealing Primary63497%52%31.9
Western House Primary63278%28%28.9
Isleworth Town Primary62668%19%27.4
Iqra Slough Islamic Primary62581%20%28.6
Byron Court Primary62480%23%29
Stanhope Primary62264%13%27.4
Wexham Court Primary62068%12%27.5
Colham Manor Primary61376%18%28.3
Deanesfield Primary60877%26%28.9
Little Ealing Primary60785%35%30.2
The Echelford Primary60058%7%27.3
ARK Conway Primary Academy60
Riverbridge Primary58057%10%26.2
Beavers Community Primary57790%15%28.8
Broadfields Primary57592%20%29.1
Bedfont Primary57176%24%28.4
The Cedars Primary570%0%16.1
The Holy Family Catholic Primary57
Penn Wood Primary and Nursery56473%22%28.6
St Gregory's Catholic Primary56086%39%30.5
Brentfield Primary55873%18%28.3
Hobbayne Primary55886%27%29.6
St Nicholas C of E Primary55884%29%29.5
Ravenor Primary55575%20%28.9
Wellington Primary55484%29%28.8
Chase Bridge Primary54870%29%29.2
Westbrook Primary54485%24%29.8
William Byrd54479%16%29
The Orion Primary54389%20%29.4
Grange Primary54175%20%28.2
Fairholme Primary54063%4%26.2
Barnfield Primary53777%29%28.7
Chalkhill Primary53776%12%29.3
Cedars Manor53682%20%28.4
Laurance Haines53576%17%28.2
St Mary's and St Peter's C of E Primary53395%47%31.6
West Acton Primary52678%25%28.7
Wykeham Primary52592%40%30.6
Furness Primary52576%15%27.3
Green Dragon Primary52466%12%27
St Raphael's Catholic Primary52088%20%29.5
Fryent Primary52073%10%27.7
Glebe Primary51985%28%30
Oaklands Primary51787%29%29.9
Southfield Primary51579%23%29.5
Brackenbury Primary51286%21%29.5
Beis Yaakov Primary51182%22%29.2
Buckingham Primary51176%19%28.8
Brookside Primary50763%10%27
Greenwood Primary50780%18%29.5
Hambrough Primary50678%16%28.9
Durdans Park Primary50569%29%28.3
Cherry Lane Primary50573%8%27.9
Blair Peach Primary50468%22%27.8
St Mary's C of E Primary50392%38%30.7
St Anthony's Catholic Primary50372%8%27.3
St Mary's C of E Primary50376%17%28.1
Hillingdon Primary50280%29%29.1
Selborne Primary50275%20%29.1
St Vincent's Catholic Primary50282%40%30.6
St Lawrence RC Primary50168%13%27.4
Town Farm Primary50171%14%27.2
St Joseph's Catholic Primary50183%19%28.7
Mitchell Brook Primary50076%19%28.6
Vaughan Primary49973%18%28.3
Ryefield Primary49865%16%27.2
Rosh Pinah Primary49792%32%30.3
Holy Rood Catholic Primary49184%30%29.5
Archdeacon Cambridge's C of E Primary49191%41%31.3
St Joseph's RC Primary49195%43%30.9
The Hyde48961%2%27.1
Barnes Primary48996%63%31.9
Pinner Wood48883%37%30.8
Rabbsfarm Primary48173%7%27.2
Roe Green Junior48076%8%27.8
Lyon Park Junior48063%12%27.2
Leopold Primary48086%24%29.1
Holy Family Catholic Primary48094%45%31.4
Wendell Park Primary47774%13%27.5
Coston Primary47678%22%28.7
St Bernadette Catholic Primary47688%31%29.7
Dairy Meadow Primary47582%21%29.5
Yeading Junior47582%15%28.8
Our Lady of the Visitation Catholic Primary47487%32%29.7
The Vineyard47495%66%33.5
Aylward Primary47279%30%29.8
Khalsa Primary47284%24%28.9
St Andrew and St Francis C of E Primary47265%7%26.7
St Michael and St Martin RC Primary47285%25%29.7
The Rosary Catholic Primary47185%20%28.8
St Teresa's Catholic Primary and Nursery47190%35%30.4
St John Fisher Catholic Primary47084%26%29.4
West Drayton Primary47066%12%27.3
Woodcroft Primary46987%15%28.1
Dr Triplett's C of E Primary46985%23%28.6
Hounslow Heath Junior46973%26%28.1
Goldbeaters Primary46882%26%29.1
St George's Primary46890%19%29.7
Uxendon Manor Primary46888%22%29.6
St Edmund's Catholic Primary46891%19%30.1
Elsley Primary46771%18%28.1
Edward Betham C of E Primary46782%18%28.5
Perivale Primary46776%24%28.5
Belmont Primary46591%47%31
Heston Primary46480%22%28.4
Mount Carmel Catholic Primary46489%35%30.9
Berkeley Primary46375%16%27.2
Crane Park Primary46249%15%25.1
Oliver Goldsmith Primary46274%25%28.3
Dedworth Middle45975%31%28.3
St Matthew's C of E Primary45891%26%30.4
Minet Junior45766%8%27.2
Whitefriars Community45675%2%27.3
Highwood Primary45585%28%29.5
Oxford Gardens Primary45470%19%28.4
St John's Primary45365%11%27.1
St Ethelbert's Catholic Primary45357%10%27.1
Trevelyan Middle45076%28%29
Holywell Primary44965%14%27.2
Frithwood Primary44774%22%28.5
Marlborough Primary44785%27%29.5
Mora Primary44761%14%27.2
Downe Manor Primary44658%15%27
Park Lane Primary44672%28%29.1
Marshgate Primary44585%45%31
Glebe Primary44590%30%29.9
East Sheen Primary44191%52%31.8
Oldfield Primary44181%12%27.6
Princess Frederica C of E Primary43890%31%30.4
Nelson Primary43877%21%28.6
John Keble C of E Primary43487%16%28.1
Roxeth Primary43377%27%29.4
Oriel Primary43288%26%29.5
Edward Pauling Primary43286%30%29.1
Wormholt Park Primary43173%12%28
John Perryn Primary43185%8%28
Sheen Mount Primary42898%42%31.9
St Michael Catholic Primary42696%29%30.3
St John Fisher Catholic Primary42693%32%30.4
Cowley St Laurence C of E Primary42371%16%27.9
Stanwell Fields C of E Primary42274%26%28.1
Butlers Court42290%52%31.2
Foxborough Primary42157%2%25.5
North Primary42180%18%30.5
St Joseph's Catholic Primary42078%27%29.6
St Anselm's Catholic Primary42097%57%32
St Bernadette's Catholic Primary42095%28%30.2
Anson Primary41973%15%28
Laleham C of E VA Primary41990%29%30.4
Lent Rise Combined41681%32%30.4
The Stonebridge41657%11%26.9
Bishop Winnington-Ingram C of E Primary41683%13%29.2
Ashford Park Primary41575%29%28.4
Manorcroft Primary41387%44%30.7
The Stoke Poges41384%31%29.4
St John's C of E Stanmore41385%25%29
Hathaway Primary41351%7%25.7
Harlyn Primary41375%25%28.5
Canberra Primary41347%0%24.6
Newfield Primary41363%4%26.4
Parkfield Primary41133%0%25.5
Havelock Primary41069%16%28.2
Holy Trinity C of E Primary41091%9%29.1
Orleans Primary410
Three Bridges Primary40986%31%29.5
Ruislip Gardens Primary40975%27%28.2
The Queen's C of E Primary40894%58%33.1
Ashford C of E Primary40779%29%29
St Robert Southwell RC Primary40687%33%30.3
Brentside Primary40486%16%28.4
St Mark's Primary40271%27%28.1
Wolf Fields Primary40282%18%28.9
Tudor Primary40072%17%28.1
Lionel Primary39988%38%30.6
The Smallberry Green Primary39883%10%28.6
St Joseph's Catholic Primary39180%32%29.8
Old Oak Primary38574%13%28.2
Dormers Wells Junior38563%11%27.2
St Edward's Royal Free Ecumenical Middle, Windsor38068%18%28.5
Wood End Academy38063%12%27.7
Kenyngton Manor Primary37860%17%26.1
St Ignatius RC Primary37770%37%28.7
Springwell Junior37476%23%28.7
Earlsmead Primary37073%13%27.7
Whitehall Junior36575%19%29.1
Buckland Primary36592%30%29.1
Clifton Primary36489%18%30
Stanburn Junior36387%29%29.9
Whitchurch Junior36297%36%32.2
Chalfont St Peter CofE36189%49%30.7
Little Green Junior36070%20%29
The Breakspear36084%25%30
Stag Lane Junior35971%15%28.6
Oak Farm Junior35977%34%29.6
Hampton Hill Junior35981%35%29.9
Mount Stewart Junior35983%27%29.9
St Jude's C of E Junior (VA)35875%20%29
Our Lady of Peace Catholic Junior35877%23%28.9
Cannon Lane Junior35893%38%31.9
Eastbury Farm Primary35785%33%29.9
Springfield Primary35467%13%28
Kenmore Park Junior35459%15%27.7
Pinner Park Junior35494%38%30.9
Whiteheath Junior35394%52%31.2
St Mary Magdalen Catholic Junior35381%26%28.9
Newnham Junior35192%33%31.5
St Stephen's C of E Primary35187%55%31
Edgware Junior34859%3%25.5
Alexandra Junior34676%26%29
Ivybridge Primary34585%15%29
Southville Junior34478%15%28.2
Mayfield Primary34481%23%29.1
Chennestone Primary34178%22%28.4
Weald Junior34168%19%27.8
Feltham Hill Junior34076%26%28.8
Trafalgar Junior33782%23%29.4
Norwood Green Junior33785%28%29.2
Heathrow Primary33775%28%29.2
Lowther Primary33484%20%30.1
Berrymede Junior33381%13%28.2
Field End Junior32977%26%29.1
Wraysbury Primary32986%32%30.2
Lady Bankes Junior32679%26%28.8
Laurel Lane Primary32057%7%27.1
St Mary's C of E Primary31693%29%29.7
St Mary's Farnham Royal C of E Primary31676%12%27.3
Drayton Green Primary31389%11%28.1
Grange Park Junior31369%18%27.7
Heathfield Junior31177%21%28.8
The William Hogarth Primary31083%13%27.8
Sacred Heart Catholic Primary and Nursery31091%26%30.6
Highfield Primary30982%36%29.6
St Mary's RC Primary, Isleworth30791%36%30.2
Strand-on-the-Green Junior30578%27%28.6
St Mary and All Saints C of E Primary30090%32%30.7
Victoria Junior30064%25%28.2
Hampton Junior29784%29%29.4
Spring Grove Primary29597%27%31.2
Darell Primary29459%16%26.8
Yorke Mead Primary29477%43%29.9
Khalsa VA Primary291
Blessed Dominic RC28986%24%29
Oxhey Wood Primary28963%16%27
East Acton Primary28966%21%27.4
Hurst Park Primary28597%24%29.2
West Twyford Primary28579%31%28.4
St Anthony's Catholic Primary28482%33%30.7
Menorah Foundation28286%21%30.5
Camrose Primary With Nursery28269%4%26.8
Vicar's Green Primary28187%35%30.5
St Joseph RC Junior27997%38%30.7
Bromet Primary27869%8%28.8
Central Primary27844%11%25.9
The Blue C of E Primary275100%38%30.8
Flora Gardens Primary27491%9%29.5
Beaconsfield Primary and Nursery27352%7%26.2
St Elizabeth's Catholic Primary269100%39%31.1
Allenby Primary26980%30%28.8
The Russell Primary26683%34%29.9
Grove Road Primary26567%7%28
The Russell26570%17%28.6
Pope John RC26497%37%30.7
St Paul's C of E Primary26488%24%29.8
The Orchard Primary26397%21%30.6
St Stephen's C of E Primary26297%62%32.2
Hermitage Primary26280%43%30.1
Good Shepherd RC Primary262100%58%32.8
Newton Farm Nursery, Infant and Junior2620%0%NA
Harefield Junior25979%28%29.3
Welldon Park Junior25972%12%27.9
Arbour Vale2560%0%12.3
Morden Primary25576%17%28.9
Viking Primary25182%32%29.6
St Joseph's RC Junior25090%28%30
St Mary's Catholic Primary24997%52%31.4
Grove Park Primary24892%52%30.8
Miles Coverdale Primary24897%55%31.6
Warrender Primary24683%27%29.8
St Swithun Wells Catholic Primary24590%41%31.2
Bourne Primary24380%20%28.1
Petts Hill Primary24370%17%28
Harvey Road Primary24397%47%31.8
Northview Junior and Infant24380%23%30.3
St Catherine Catholic Primary24377%19%28.2
St Anselm's Catholic Primary24386%25%29.1
Clarendon Primary24255%7%26.5
Chorleywood Primary24197%47%31.5
Cassiobury Junior24195%41%31.1
Parkgate Junior24183%23%28.9
St Meryl24063%13%28.1
Chater Junior24079%23%29.4
St Peter's Primary24089%37%30.2
Our Lady of Grace Catholic Junior23992%38%31.1
St Joseph RC Primary23962%31%28.2
Nascot Wood Junior23997%58%32.5
John Betts Primary23887%53%31.7
Harmondsworth Primary23876%24%28.9
Bushey Heath Primary237100%48%32.2
Farnham Common Junior23788%30%30.1
Our Lady of Lourdes RC Primary23679%18%28.4
Donnington Primary23562%14%27.6
St Andrew's C of E Primary23585%41%30.2
Christ Church Church of England23593%38%31.2
Sparrow Farm Junior23593%27%30.3
St Mary's C of E Primary, Rickmansworth235100%52%31.9
St Margaret Clitherow RC Primary23587%13%28.8
Chalfont St Giles Junior23573%35%29.1
St Peter's C of E Middle23471%22%28.9
St Mary Magdalen's Catholic Primary23389%48%32.1
St Mary's RC Primary ,Chiswick23396%62%32.2
Holy Trinity C of E Primary23186%18%29.1
Kenmont Primary23088%24%29.3
Woodhall Primary23071%13%27.3
Coteford Junior22963%23%27.6
Bushey Manor Junior22981%27%30.1
Worple Primary22980%10%28.1
Our Lady and St John's RC Primary22888%21%29.3
Harlesden Primary22881%15%28.4
Cavendish Primary22779%21%30
Meadlands Primary22772%17%28
Hillside Junior22787%20%29
Sacred Heart RC Primary22685%33%30.2
Ashfield Junior22679%46%30.5
The Moriah Jewish Day22597%28%31
Mathilda Marks-Kennedy Jewish Primary22379%29%30.8
The Annunciation RC Junior22381%26%29.2
Greenside Primary22375%29%28.6
Forge Lane Primary22277%27%27.5
Field Junior22291%48%32.7
St Osmund's Catholic Primary22088%38%31.7
Thorpe Lea Primary21875%21%28
Colnbrook C of E Primary21794%19%29
St Peter's C of E Combined, Burnham21566%9%27.1
St Peter's C of E Primary21589%28%30.3
Our Lady of the Rosary RC Primary21497%45%31.3
Greenfields Primary21486%29%29.5
St Cuthbert's Catholic Primary, Englefield Green21393%41%30.6
St Nicholas Elstree C of E VA Primary21379%42%29.6
Hythe Primary21271%8%27.9
Seer Green C of E Combined21197%35%30.5
St John Catholic Primary21080%27%28.6
Arnett Hills Junior Mixed and Infant20889%30%30.5
Avigdor Hirsch Torah Temimah Primary20867%10%28.6
Saxon Primary20871%21%27.7
The Village2080%0%12.9
Bishop Perrin C of E Primary20878%22%29.3
Rickmansworth Park Junior Mixed and Infant20581%33%30.8
Hartsbourne Primary20392%50%31.6
Bournehall Primary20078%30%29.9
St Richard's C of E Primary19883%11%27.9
Kew Riverside Primary19489%41%31.9
Dunton Green Primary19361%17%28.4
Warren Dell Primary19385%5%27.5
Shepherd Primary19387%13%27.5
Iver Heath Junior19277%23%28.1
Maple Cross Junior Mixed Infant and Nursery16750%33%27.1
Marjory Kinnon1600%0%14.1
The Iver Village Junior15763%16%27.2
Alec Reed Academy152760%3%27.3
Lindon Bennett1380%0%12
Avanti House137
Tilehouse Combined10733%0%25
Roxbourne Junior060%22%28.2
Belmore Children's Centre, Nursery and Primary067%12%27.4


  • Pupils: pupils eligibile for Key Stage 2 assessment - this number includes pupils absent or unable to access the tests
  • Level 4: percentage of pupils achieving Level 4 or above in reading, writing and maths. Most 11 year olds are expected to achieve at least Level 4 by the end of KS2
  • Level 5: percentage of pupils achieving Level 5 or above in reading, writing and maths - this is above the expected level for most pupils

Includes data supplied by Department for Education 2010-14


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