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Primary Schools (Key Stage 2) in Woodford Green, Outer London

Compare all primary schools within 10 miles of Woodford Green, Outer London on this page. Click an individual school for more detailed information about its results and a link to its Ofsted reports. You can also rank schools according to results of your choice by clicking the headings at the top of the table.

The tables below show achievement for pupils aged 11 and progress pupils have made between ages 7 and 11.

Key Stage 2 Achievement 2014

School Pupils Level 4 achievement Level 5 achievement Points score
Ainslie Wood Primary46278%8%27.6
Albion Primary29288%25%29.5
Aldborough Primary228
Aldersbrook Primary65590%36%30.8
Alexander McLeod Primary58769%13%27.9
Alexandra Primary32270%23%28.2
Alfred Salter Primary46590%26%30.3
All Saints' C of E Primary21190%37%31.0
All Saints' C of E Primary N2027679%31%29.4
All Souls C of E Primary18782%9%27.1
Alma Primary49157%10%26.9
Ambler Primary and Children's Centre29291%14%29.3
Andrews Lane Primary20183%17%28.2
Archbishop Sumner C of E Primary29390%43%30.9
Ardleigh Green Junior35999%57%31.7
Argyle Primary41880%25%28.6
ARK Globe Academy122688%19%29.7
Arnhem Wharf Primary59578%15%27.5
Ashmead Primary29593%37%30.4
Ashmount Primary36286%21%28.7
Avanti Court Primary245
Avenue Primary86669%7%27.0
Bangabandhu Primary47175%14%28.2
Bannockburn Primary66495%25%30.4
Barley Lane Primary74187%34%29.9
Barn Croft Primary24371%13%26.8
Barrington Primary24587%27%30.3
Beam Primary60795%35%30.5
Becontree Primary49878%20%29.3
Bedonwell Junior47274%26%28.8
Belmont Junior21163%24%27.8
Belmont Primary46782%27%29.0
Ben Jonson Primary56572%10%27.3
Benhurst Primary31184%36%30.5
Benthal Primary44371%14%28.1
Beormund Primary3571%0%26.8
Berger Primary49777%13%28.1
Betty Layward Primary44590%45%31.4
Bigland Green Primary47878%24%28.3
Bishop John Robinson C of E Primary23476%38%29.5
Bishop Ridley C of E VA Primary42483%29%29.8
Blanche Nevile70SUPPSUPPSUPP
Blessed Sacrament RC Primary22277%38%28.7
Blue Gate Fields Junior35691%32%30.1
Bonner Primary59795%27%29.9
Bonneygrove Primary40288%26%29.9
Bounds Green Junior23377%16%28.7
Boutcher C of E Primary207100%37%31.0
Bowes Primary65264%11%27.5
Boxgrove Primary43086%37%30.3
Brady Primary21174%19%28.2
Brampton Primary91180%23%28.9
Brampton Primary41885%44%30.1
Branfil Primary44889%28%30.1
Brecknock Primary37388%22%29.7
Brettenham Primary47679%30%29.0
Brimsdown Primary67166%17%27.4
Britannia Village Primary45184%42%30.3
Broadford Primary40891%28%30.1
Brook Community Primary47672%2%26.6
Brookfield Primary43793%38%30.8
Brookland Junior22488%27%30.1
Brooklands Primary25497%43%31.4
Brookside Junior22560%5%26.0
Brookside JuniorNEW
Bruce Grove Primary44169%12%28.0
Brunswick Park Primary and Nursery33597%31%30.4
Buckhurst Hill Community Primary37693%35%30.5
Burleigh Primary38377%27%29.2
Bursted Wood Primary47492%40%31.2
Bush Hill Park Primary66471%15%27.4
Bygrove Primary235100%53%32.5
Calverton Primary41685%17%28.3
Camelot Primary52281%23%28.4
Campsbourne Junior19983%35%29.8
Canary Wharf College159
Canary Wharf College 2NEW
Canon Barnett Primary26881%16%28.4
Canonbury Primary46782%22%29.1
Capel Manor Primary31867%17%28.2
Cardwell Primary48898%59%31.9
Carlton Primary38890%13%28.3
Carpenters Primary47780%20%28.9
Carterhatch Junior41570%11%27.8
Castilion Primary41990%26%29.7
Cayley Primary56569%9%26.9
Central Park Primary95682%22%28.7
Chadwell Primary53581%15%29.1
Charles Dickens Primary38395%36%30.9
Charlotte Sharman Primary34081%26%29.0
Charlton Manor Primary46083%19%28.5
Chase Lane Primary73080%19%28.7
Chase Side Primary47078%20%28.3
Cherry Garden470%0%15.0
Cherry Orchard Primary24997%50%32.2
Chestnuts Primary40871%11%27.2
Childeric Primary45989%26%29.2
Chingford C of E Junior24385%28%29.7
Chingford C of E Primary182
Chisenhale Primary35189%16%29.6
Christ Church C of E Primary17988%20%29.1
Christ Church C of E Primary, Shooters Hill20596%59%32.1
Christ Church CofE20664%16%27.9
Christ Church Primary, Hampstead188100%67%33.0
Christ Church22889%19%29.2
Christ The King RC Primary38280%21%28.9
Christchurch Primary106489%35%30.7
Christopher Hatton Primary23096%33%30.0
Church Hill23673%13%28.2
Churchfield C of E VA Primary31073%5%27.4
Churchfield Primary68775%20%28.9
Churchfields Junior48098%41%31.7
Clerkenwell Parochial C of E Primary20381%33%29.8
Cleveland Junior55395%38%31.4
Cleves Primary49693%16%28.3
Clockhouse Primary70872%18%27.4
Clore Tikva45793%33%30.4
Cobourg Primary43894%17%29.6
Coldfall Primary68191%39%30.3
Colegrave Primary58583%19%28.1
Coleridge Primary90689%39%30.8
Columbia Primary44384%25%28.6
Colvestone Primary23392%31%29.9
Conway Primary43583%31%30.0
Coopersale and Theydon Garnon C of E Primary18967%21%28.5
Copenhagen Primary24565%15%26.4
Coppermill Primary31292%24%29.7
Coppetts Wood Primary28470%23%28.9
Coppice Primary47989%32%30.1
Corbets Tey1080%0%12.2
Cranbrook Primary96680%29%29.1
Crowland Primary41286%22%29.3
Crowlands Primary65774%19%28.2
Crownfield Junior35371%16%27.9
Cubitt Town Junior35577%12%28.1
Cuckoo Hall Academy89576%16%28.1
Culloden Primary54193%38%30.9
Curwen Primary and Nursery72997%53%32.6
Cyril Jackson Primary48970%20%27.6
Dame Tipping C of E Primary102100%43%31.0
Danegrove Primary65794%38%31.1
Danson Primary48892%36%30.7
Daubeney Primary67792%31%30.5
Davies Lane Primary69285%31%30.0
Dawlish Primary26248%0%26.2
De Beauvoir Primary372NANANA
De Bohun Primary29080%20%29.1
De Lucy Primary55185%31%29.8
Deansfield Primary47498%61%32.4
Deptford Park Primary67267%18%27.8
Devonshire Hill Primary47879%16%27.7
Dewhurst St Mary C of E Primary18977%20%28.5
Discovery Primary59091%27%29.8
Dorothy Barley Junior and Special Needs Base (MLD)NEW
Dorothy Barley Junior and Special Needs Base (MLD)42464%12%27.1
Downfield Primary35967%11%26.9
Downsell Primary65384%22%29.0
Downshall Primary56884%35%30.1
Drayton Park Primary33583%17%28.4
Drew Primary44678%20%28.3
Duncombe Primary45275%13%29.0
Ealdham Primary40289%27%29.7
Earlham Primary43760%6%25.8
Earlham Primary37685%32%29.5
Earlsmead Primary48388%28%30.2
Eastbury Primary80970%19%28.0
Eastcote Primary23994%32%29.8
Eastfield Primary48670%11%27.2
Eden Primary90
Edinburgh Primary56973%17%28.8
Edith Neville Primary24186%29%29.1
Edmonton County1598
Edmund Waller Primary46976%26%28.8
Eglinton Primary58265%25%27.7
Eleanor Palmer Primary23793%50%32.1
Ellen Wilkinson Primary49170%9%27.4
Elm Park Primary39584%21%29.8
Elmhurst Primary97792%34%30.7
Emmanuel Community53
Enfield Heights Academy51
Engayne Primary62888%33%30.2
English Martyrs RC Primary46186%22%29.7
English Martyrs RC Primary22783%40%31.0
Epping Primary42573%20%28.1
Epping Upland C of E Primary14963%26%28.5
Essex Primary97974%16%28.1
Eversley Primary571100%52%32.5
Fairfields Primary and Nursery47985%27%29.3
Fairlop Primary76795%33%30.6
Farnham Green Primary62281%23%29.1
Ferry Lane Primary24272%20%27.8
Firs Farm Primary56790%22%29.2
Five Elms Primary52871%10%27.3
Flamstead End47795%45%31.1
Fleecefield Primary48077%7%27.7
Fleet Primary23094%39%29.7
Forty Hill C of E Primary23787%30%30.1
Fossdene Primary39185%10%29.0
Foster's Primary41079%36%29.1
Four Swannes Primary16357%0%25.9
Foxfield Primary62567%4%26.8
Frank Barnes for Deaf Children30SUPPSUPPSUPP
Freezywater St George's C of E Primary24281%28%29.9
Friars Primary Foundation22685%22%29.2
Fullwood Primary47275%27%29.0
Gainsborough Primary39687%24%29.6
Gainsborough Primary53278%10%27.5
Galliard Primary71479%25%28.4
Gallions Mount Primary42272%10%26.4
Gallions Primary61080%16%28.7
Garfield Primary45781%19%28.7
Gascoigne Primary109677%15%28.4
Gayhurst Community58788%29%29.7
Gearies Primary70089%38%30.2
George Carey C of E Primary46588%28%29.2
George Mitchell95564%7%26.3
George Spicer Primary56888%27%29.6
George Tomlinson Primary61177%13%27.6
Gidea Park Primary42285%20%29.1
Gilbert Colvin Primary44687%45%31.0
Gillespie Primary23886%34%30.5
Glade Primary49785%33%29.5
Globe Primary36386%28%30.8
Godwin Junior33383%34%29.6
Godwin Primary59591%28%30.4
Goodmayes Primary67983%26%29.4
Gordon Primary45088%39%30.1
Gospel Oak Primary47178%20%28.6
Grafton Primary51995%34%30.8
Grafton Primary92577%18%28.5
Grange Park Primary69077%31%29.7
Grange Primary23874%19%28.6
Grange Primary36887%18%28.7
Grasmere Primary24690%34%30.2
Grazebrook Primary47495%39%31.0
Greenleaf Primary52488%53%30.9
Greenslade Primary24185%22%29.6
Grinling Gibbons Primary304NANANA
Grove Primary56487%26%29.9
Guardian Angels RC Primary20683%13%28.5
Gwyn Jones Primary35372%31%28.6
Haberdashers' Aske's Hatcham College178695%31%30.5
Hacton Primary42788%35%30.8
Hague Primary23381%41%29.8
Haimo Primary28896%12%28.8
Halley Primary24190%23%29.6
Hallsville Primary46788%33%30.5
Halstow Primary33595%59%32.4
Handsworth Primary47587%40%30.8
Hanover Primary34190%30%30.5
Harbinger Primary35966%12%27.8
Hargrave Park Primary26075%11%27.6
Harold Court Primary32082%20%29.1
Harold Wood Primary41280%22%29.0
Harrington Hill Primary30889%14%28.9
Harris Academy TottenhamNEW
Harris Primary Academy Coleraine Park38679%11%27.5
Harris Primary Academy Peckham Park39578%16%27.9
Harris Primary Academy Philip Lane44377%11%27.6
Harry Gosling Primary47075%15%28.3
Hartley Primary80379%26%29.2
Hartsbrook E-Act Free119
Hatton and Special Needs Centre1490%0%12.3
Hazelbury Junior59263%12%26.1
Hazelwood Junior35990%28%30.8
Henry Green Primary47165%17%27.7
Henry Maynard Primary89984%28%29.5
Henwick Primary34195%54%31.9
Hereward Primary37385%33%29.7
Hermitage Primary32083%43%30.6
Heronsgate Primary79590%34%29.8
High Beech C of E Primary10580%27%29.6
Highbury Quadrant Primary37276%17%27.5
Highfield Primary51675%27%29.1
Highgate Primary42791%36%30.6
Highlands Primary70595%42%31.3
Hilldene Primary72376%8%28.0
Hillhouse C of E Primary24174%9%27.0
Hillsgrove Primary44372%23%28.6
Hillyfield Academy86186%30%29.6
Holdbrook Primary22247%7%25.4
Hollickwood Primary24450%4%26.7
Holly Park Primary55973%27%28.9
Hollydale Primary27076%12%27.4
Holmleigh Primary24783%17%28.7
Holy Family Catholic Primary206100%32%30.7
Holy Family Catholic24586%39%31.1
Holy Trinity and Saint Silas C of E Primary, NW120893%32%31.0
Holy Trinity C of E Primary20571%23%28.3
Holy Trinity C of E Primary217100%29%30.0
Holy Trinity C of E Primary25486%34%30.0
Honilands Primary62776%11%27.1
Hook Lane Primary44071%29%28.6
Houndsfield Primary67479%14%27.5
Hoxton Garden Primary32074%23%27.6
Hugh Myddelton Primary44160%13%27.0
Hungerford Primary and Children's Centre48080%18%27.9
Hunters Hall Primary69286%31%29.7
Hurst Drive Primary33674%10%28.3
Hylands Primary48573%17%28.3
Ilderton Primary40996%33%31.6
Invicta Primary34093%30%29.9
Isaac Newton Academy362
Ivy Chimneys Primary28290%33%30.4
James Wolfe Primary and Centre for the Deaf49187%40%30.7
Jenny Hammond Primary26397%40%30.9
John Ball Primary51590%37%30.8
John Bramston Primary51584%26%29.9
John Donne Primary49478%30%30.5
John F Kennedy Special98SUPPSUPPSUPP
John Perry Primary52573%9%26.8
John Scurr Primary46980%22%28.5
John Stainer Community Primary32793%29%29.4
Joseph ClarkeNEW
Jubilee Primary49084%34%29.9
Jubilee Primary435NANANA
Kaizen Primary47488%15%28.8
Keir Hardie Primary39297%26%30.0
Kender Primary38490%17%29.0
Kensington Primary50587%11%28.3
Kentish Town C of E Primary26593%36%30.3
Keys Meadow46778%5%27.9
Kidbrooke Park Primary40584%8%28.2
Kingfisher Hall Primary Academy156
Kingsmead Primary24696%36%30.3
Kobi Nazrul Primary24377%23%28.4
La Salette Catholic Primary21087%47%31.1
Lambourne Primary19388%33%29.1
Lancasterian Primary48877%9%27.5
Langdon AcademyNEW
Lansbury Lawrence Primary53682%20%29.0
Larkswood Primary73681%28%28.9
Lathom Junior47683%32%29.8
Latymer All Saints C of E Primary70181%21%28.5
Lavender Primary54690%32%29.8
Lawdale Junior27986%30%29.4
Laycock Primary42074%4%27.3
Lea Valley Primary46875%20%28.9
Lessness Heath Primary64968%12%27.3
Limes Farm Junior14572%5%27.4
Linton Mead Primary45177%9%29.1
London Fields Primary44590%39%29.8
Longlands Primary and Nursery19695%16%29.8
Longshaw Primary45277%15%28.2
Lordship Lane Primary69879%19%28.5
Loxford of Science and Technology2405
Lubavitch Junior Boys11063%13%27.4
Lubavitch Ruth Lunzer Girls Primary14879%21%28.4
Lucas Vale Primary41993%37%30.9
Malmesbury Primary58283%11%28.6
Mandeville Primary37388%24%28.5
Manford Primary53780%17%28.5
Manor Infants'/Manor Longbridge100460%27%26.2
Manor Junior47883%37%29.9
Manor Primary41580%17%28.2
Manorfield Primary67776%21%28.0
Manorside Primary29093%27%30.4
Marion Richardson Primary46789%31%29.7
Marks Gate Junior33361%13%26.5
Marner Primary61278%23%28.7
Marsh Green Primary33877%19%28.8
Martin Primary58875%12%28.1
Maryland Primary46181%13%27.9
Mayespark Primary83184%24%29.5
Mayflower Primary35189%25%30.1
Mayville Primary47180%14%28.6
Mead Primary57186%19%28.9
Meridian Angel PrimaryNEW
Meridian Primary25193%36%30.4
Merryhills Primary53490%23%29.8
Michael Faraday40988%32%29.9
Millennium Primary42189%31%30.2
Millfields Community65281%23%28.3
Mission Grove Primary68085%12%29.0
Monega Primary73175%25%28.4
Monkfrith Primary24787%35%30.9
Monteagle Primary73678%20%28.0
Montem Primary43281%14%28.8
Morden Mount Primary36583%43%29.6
Moreland Primary21877%5%27.4
Morningside Primary44286%17%29.0
Mossford Green Primary37487%39%29.8
Mowlem Primary23395%27%30.3
Mulberry Primary68673%9%27.0
Mulgrave Primary52184%10%28.4
Muswell Hill Primary41886%46%31.3
Myatt Garden Primary50587%47%30.2
Nazeing Primary25990%16%29.5
Nelmes Primary448100%47%31.9
Nelson Primary88476%17%27.9
Netley Primary43572%19%27.8
New City Primary61268%21%28.1
Newbury Park Primary92988%25%30.3
Newington Green Primary41890%35%30.3
Newtons Primary34167%18%27.5
Nightingale Primary23886%21%28.6
Nightingale Primary73582%28%29.8
Nightingale Primary24383%24%28.7
Noel Park Primary55780%23%29.5
North Beckton Primary55273%23%28.4
North Harringay Primary46265%20%28.2
Northbury Primary90285%30%29.4
Northside Primary29593%45%31.3
Northumberland Heath Primary55785%23%29.2
Northwold Primary454100%45%32.1
Northwood Primary21786%7%27.2
Notre Dame Catholic Primary20788%19%28.5
Oak View820%0%12.5
Oakdale Junior34484%30%29.5
Oakhill Primary27077%30%30.1
Oakleigh & Acorn Assessment Centre1100%0%12.0
Oakthorpe Primary52887%31%29.9
Oasis Academy Hadley1291
Oasis Academy Johanna24586%14%28.6
Old Ford Primary72793%34%30.5
Old Palace Primary41895%37%30.5
Olga Primary22976%17%27.9
Orchard Primary47894%30%29.8
Osidge Primary41875%20%28.8
Osmani Primary44891%12%28.7
Our Lady and St George's Catholic Primary45685%25%29.7
Our Lady and St Joseph RC Primary24190%30%29.6
Our Lady and St Joseph's PrimaryNEW
Our Lady of Grace Catholic Primary20696%58%32.2
Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Primary20797%47%31.6
Our Lady of Lourdes RC Primary45793%41%31.4
Our Lady of Lourdes RC25483%27%29.0
Our Lady of Muswell RC Primary42681%42%31.3
Our Lady RC Primary19948%4%25.9
Our Lady RC Primary19375%29%28.4
Pakeman Primary33582%8%28.5
Park Primary50475%28%29.1
Parkhill Junior36590%35%30.7
Parklands Junior47681%21%29.0
Parkside Primary39570%10%27.4
Parkway Primary25693%34%30.6
Parkwood Primary24286%17%29.5
Parsloes Primary55880%12%29.0
Parsonage Farm Primary46784%23%29.1
Peter Hills with St Mary's and St Paul's C of E Primary21450%12%26.4
Phoenix Primary43395%29%30.5
Pilgrims' Way Primary25688%16%28.3
Pinewood Primary077%33%28.7
Plaistow Primary45575%7%26.9
Plumcroft Primary66186%19%28.9
Poole's Park Primary33171%9%26.9
Portway Primary71669%9%27.2
Prendergast - Vale College64669%2%26.2
Primrose Hill48693%42%30.8
Prince of Wales Primary60959%17%27.5
Princess May Primary45580%20%28.7
Prior Weston Primary and Children's Centre47081%31%29.5
Pyrgo Priory Primary43587%13%28.8
Queensbridge Primary43294%52%31.7
Queenswell Junior32586%18%28.9
Rainham Village Primary45772%12%27.6
Randal Cremer Primary46164%11%27.0
Ranelagh Primary48989%40%30.9
Ravenscroft Primary53990%44%30.5
Ray Lodge Primary61087%21%29.2
Raynham Primary78088%28%29.8
Redbridge Primary71795%43%31.4
Redlands Primary47688%21%28.8
Rhodes Avenue Primary56395%61%32.9
Rhyl Primary43290%27%29.3
Richard Alibon Primary with ARP for Cognitive and Learning Difficulties : SEN Base61575%18%28.2
Richard Cloudesley PH75SUPPSUPPSUPP
Richard Cobden Primary45990%27%28.9
Ripple Primary107477%20%28.2
Rise Park Junior25181%22%29.4
Rise Park JuniorNEW
Risley Avenue Primary68376%16%28.3
Riverley Primary080%17%28.9
Riverside Primary32890%38%29.6
Robert Blair Primary26055%9%25.6
Robert Browning Primary35189%14%28.5
Rockliffe Manor Primary23886%28%29.2
Roding Primary107774%14%27.9
Roding Primary50991%16%28.9
Roger Ascham Primary54988%31%30.0
Rokesly Junior33889%36%29.9
Roman Road Primary34588%42%30.6
Rosary RC Primary33779%24%29.4
Rosetta Primary51186%33%29.9
Rotherfield Primary37172%21%28.5
Rotherhithe Primary46275%11%27.8
Rush Green Primary80679%38%29.6
Rushmore Primary48682%18%29.4
Russet House950%0%12.3
Sacred Heart Catholic Primary40796%31%30.1
Sacred Heart RC Primary42098%53%31.8
Saint Mary Magdalene C of E Primary40393%17%30.4
Salisbury Primary55687%17%29.0
Samuel Rhodes MLD850%0%13.3
Sandringham Primary95682%23%28.9
Scargill Junior29194%46%31.3
School 21291
Scott Wilkie Primary40581%15%28.4
Scotts Primary213100%67%33.2
Selwyn Primary50693%50%31.1
Selwyn Primary61579%25%29.0
Seven Mills Primary23793%28%30.6
Seven Sisters Primary49367%13%27.3
Shacklewell Primary42593%30%29.6
Shaftesbury Primary66390%15%29.3
Shapla Primary21786%14%28.6
Sheringham Primary62785%25%29.1
Sherington Primary49395%43%31.1
Simon Marks Jewish Primary20480%24%28.8
Sir Francis Drake Primary19683%38%30.2
Sir John Cass's Foundation Primary23393%30%30.6
Sir John Heron Primary49482%23%29.1
Sir Thomas Abney43080%20%28.5
Smithy Street44786%20%29.0
Snaresbrook Primary46392%37%30.5
Snowsfields Primary23271%17%27.8
Soho Parish C of E Primary145100%50%32.7
Solebay Primary122
South Grove Primary56285%20%28.8
South Harringay Junior21883%32%29.3
South Park Primary81385%27%29.3
South Rise Primary66289%45%31.3
Southbury Primary47171%10%27.3
Southern Road Primary72091%22%29.7
Southwark Free33
Southwark Park45482%16%28.9
Southwold Primary4260%0%NA
Southwood Primary54369%12%27.4
Springfield Community Primary26792%42%30.9
Squirrels Heath Junior36482%30%29.7
St Agnes RC Primary22979%38%29.2
St Aidan's Catholic Primary46678%30%29.5
St Aidan's Primary23996%42%30.9
St Alban's Catholic Primary21093%38%30.2
St Alban's C of E Primary19195%29%30.0
St Alfege with St Peter's C of E Primary24977%12%28.4
St Aloysius RC Junior22775%29%28.8
St Andrew's (Barnsbury) C of E Primary20072%17%28.4
St Andrew's C of E Primary47472%12%28.6
St Andrew's Southgate Primary (CofE)20890%47%30.6
St Ann's C of E Primary23762%12%27.1
St Anne's Catholic Primary33475%20%27.9
St Antony's Catholic Primary47592%50%31.0
St Antony's RC Primary46793%35%31.6
St Augustine's Catholic Primary47087%33%30.1
St Bede's Catholic Primary47298%51%31.8
St Clement Danes C of E Primary23096%31%30.0
St Dominic Catholic Primary29583%23%28.7
St Edmund's Catholic21478%26%29.1
St Edmunds Catholic Primary43088%27%30.0
St Edward's Catholic Primary46288%32%30.7
St Edward's C of E Primary67978%17%28.7
St Elizabeth Catholic Primary45774%14%28.2
St Fidelis Catholic Primary46987%45%30.5
St Francis de Sales RC Junior35379%14%27.9
St Francis RC Primary42563%15%27.1
St Francis' Catholic Primary46276%5%28.3
St George the Martyr C of E Primary21088%42%31.1
St George's Cathedral Catholic Primary34171%23%27.6
St George's C of E Primary17475%13%27.4
St George's RC Primary64998%39%31.5
St Gildas' RC Junior23375%28%28.4
St Helen's Catholic Primary49585%34%30.0
St Ignatius RC Primary41382%18%28.5
St James C of E Primary21080%23%29.9
St James the Great RC Primary22481%15%28.7
St James' C of E Primary49288%24%29.5
St James' C of E Junior33983%22%28.6
St James' C of E Primary23092%46%30.2
St James's Hatcham C of E Primary24076%24%28.4
St Joachim's RC Primary26390%40%30.5
St Joan of Arc RC Primary43295%40%30.3
St John and St James C of E Primary41678%22%28.0
St John and St James C of E Primary27097%43%31.7
St John Evangelist RC Primary30782%29%29.7
St John Fisher Catholic Primary41166%17%28.5
St John Fisher Catholic Primary207100%36%32.2
St John of Jerusalem C of E Primary23277%23%28.9
St John the Baptist C of E Primary33788%16%28.8
St John Vianney RC Primary24285%26%29.6
St John's C of E Primary21067%13%27.4
St John's C of E Primary, Buckhurst Hill37489%39%30.8
St John's C of E Junior Mixed and Infant24397%34%31.2
St John's C of E Primary9792%23%30.2
St John's C of E Primary24480%40%29.1
St John's Highbury Vale C of E Primary20679%46%30.8
St John's RC Primary23592%35%30.0
St John's Upper Holloway C of E Primary22593%21%29.7
St John's Walworth C of E Primary20586%21%28.8
St Joseph RC Primary25897%48%31.2
St Joseph's Catholic Junior24080%22%28.8
St Joseph's Catholic Primary247100%64%32.9
St Joseph's Catholic Primary40495%30%30.3
St Joseph's Catholic Primary19971%32%29.0
St Joseph's Catholic Primary23178%26%29.1
St Joseph's Catholic Primary29579%9%28.5
St Joseph's Catholic Primary42493%38%30.7
St Joseph's Catholic Primary36560%7%26.4
St Joseph's RC Primary45788%43%30.3
St Joseph's RC Primary33198%28%31.8
St Josephs Primary217100%57%31.6
St Jude and St Paul's C of E Primary19989%15%29.8
St Jude's C of E Primary16665%10%27.8
St Luke's C of E Primary31497%13%28.9
St Luke's C of E Primary23876%14%27.9
St Luke's Primary24393%32%30.0
St Margaret Clitherow Catholic Primary24789%48%30.9
St Margaret Clitherows RC Primary29085%32%30.5
St Margaret's C of E Primary29576%21%28.5
St Margaret's Lee C of E Primary24192%62%32.4
St Margarets C of E Primary46083%19%28.8
St Mark's C of E Primary19372%12%28.1
St Martin of Porres RC Primary25483%33%29.7
St Mary and St Michael Primary47381%19%28.7
St Mary and St Pancras C of E Primary23472%24%27.7
St Mary Magdalene Academy118287%37%30.0
St Mary's Catholic Primary21794%35%30.7
St Mary's Catholic Primary42390%14%28.9
St Mary's Catholic Primary47293%33%30.6
St Mary's C of E Primary, Stoke Newington22682%14%28.7
St Mary's C of E Primary18676%38%28.7
St Mary's C of E Primary, East Barnet21479%24%29.4
St Mary's Priory RC Junior23785%24%29.1
St Mary's RC Primary44583%41%30.4
St Mary's Walthamstow C of E Primary41196%61%32.6
St Matthew Academy120369%8%26.8
St Matthew's C of E Primary32293%33%30.8
St Matthias C of E Primary20883%33%29.5
St Matthias C of E Primary26968%16%27.2
St Michael at Bowes C of E Junior34766%13%27.4
St Michael's Catholic Primary24587%20%29.4
St Michael's C of E Primary23083%13%28.1
St Michael's C of E Primary20072%24%28.8
St Michael's C of E Primary35890%27%29.8
St Michael's C of E Primary46491%46%31.1
St Michael's East Wickham C of E Primary21297%22%30.4
St Monica's RC Primary41898%53%32.2
St Monica's RC Primary24283%17%29.3
St Patrick's Catholic Primary44896%38%30.4
St Patrick's Catholic Primary34591%27%29.4
St Patrick's Catholic Primary36098%34%30.5
St Patrick's Catholic Primary23090%38%30.4
St Paul with St Luke C of E Primary26467%17%27.5
St Paul's and All Hallows C of E Junior22377%12%28.3
St Paul's Catholic Primary22875%14%28.3
St Paul's C of E Primary, Walworth34880%28%29.8
St Paul's C of E Primary42288%38%30.6
St Paul's C of E Primary N1123983%14%28.8
St Paul's RC Primary20680%40%29.4
St Paul's Way Trust1032
St Paul's Whitechapel C of E Primary23390%33%30.5
St Paul's with St Michael's Primary22589%15%28.4
St Peter and Paul's Catholic Primary46086%39%29.8
St Peter and St Paul RC Primary22196%32%30.6
St Peter's Catholic Primary21180%40%30.0
St Peter's Catholic Primary43591%21%30.0
St Peter's Catholic Primary21093%57%31.8
St Peter's C of E Primary24772%14%27.9
St Peter's C of E Primary, South Weald32098%60%32.2
St Peter's London Docks C of E Primary23586%21%29.1
St Saviour's Catholic Primary23787%23%30.1
St Saviour's C of E Primary22677%19%28.2
St Saviour's C of E Primary43993%33%30.0
St Scholastica's Catholic Primary24483%17%28.3
St Stephen's Catholic Primary41895%32%30.7
St Stephen's C of E Primary28582%39%29.9
St Stephen's Primary41593%42%31.7
St Thomas A Beckett RC Primary31593%41%30.1
St Thomas More Catholic Primary38588%26%30.2
St Thomas More Catholic Primary20296%32%30.7
St Ursula's Catholic Junior23798%41%31.2
St Vincent's Catholic Primary23679%18%29.4
St Winefride's RC Primary346100%48%31.2
St. Dominic's Catholic Primary46281%8%28.0
Stamford Hill Primary22771%19%26.9
Stapleford Abbotts Primary14683%43%30.2
Staples Road Primary52085%39%29.8
Star Primary68592%23%29.8
Starks Field Primary45578%22%27.9
Stebon Primary47890%23%29.2
Stephen Hawking920%0%12.0
Stewart Headlam Primary44992%19%29.2
Stoneydown Park40576%16%28.0
Stroud Green Primary38071%38%30.1
Suffolks Primary39581%11%28.1
Summerside Primary48672%14%27.6
Surrey Square Primary45688%19%29.4
Suttons Primary21692%28%30.4
Tetherdown Primary42086%39%31.4
Thames View Junior44074%19%28.0
The Alderton Junior23675%20%28.7
The Bridge1670%0%13.7
The Brook990%0%12.9
The Business Academy Bexley151176%22%28.1
The Cathedral of St Saviour and St Mary Overy23296%62%32.9
The Cherry Trees24SUPPSUPPSUPP
The Clara Grant Primary49590%25%29.6
The Eldon Federation Eldon Junior58972%14%28.0
The Garden1090%0%12.0
The James Cambell Primary86673%9%28.2
The Leverton Junior25776%12%27.5
The Leys Primary36786%19%29.2
The Mawney29781%19%29.1
The New North Academy40982%24%28.1
The New Rush Hall6033%0%19.8
The R J Mitchell Primary21797%23%30.1
The Raglan Junior48178%28%28.9
The St Teresa Catholic Primary21993%41%31.3
The Stepney Greencoat C of E Primary19787%26%30.0
The White Bridge Junior24275%19%28.9
The Willow Primary48675%8%27.1
The Winns Primary86879%21%28.6
Theydon Bois Primary31477%20%28.7
Thomas Arnold Primary48179%13%28.8
Thomas Buxton Primary43684%20%29.0
Thomas Fairchild Community39852%6%25.7
Thomas Gamuel PrimaryNEW
Thomas Gamuel Primary080%21%28.9
Thomas Willingale47573%27%28.6
Thornhill Primary45790%33%30.2
Thorntree Primary25375%32%28.7
Thorpe Hall Primary53181%20%29.2
Tidemill Academy46588%30%29.8
Timbercroft Primary43074%23%28.5
Tiverton Primary45076%20%27.6
Tollgate Primary49393%71%31.4
Torriano Junior23895%49%31.0
Tower Bridge Primary20860%12%27.0
Towers Junior24290%35%30.5
Townsend Primary24270%7%27.1
Trent C of E Primary20997%53%32.5
Trinity Church of England, Lewisham616
Trinity Primary Academy44582%18%28.2
Tudor Primary23967%13%27.9
Tufnell Park Primary31786%33%29.3
Tyssen Community Primary45482%13%27.3
Uphall Primary93785%21%29.0
Upminster Junior36592%21%29.8
Upshire Primary Foundation19473%10%27.3
Upton Cross Primary61890%17%28.6
Valence Primary103997%38%31.6
Vicarage Primary88075%15%28.5
Virginia Primary220100%38%31.2
Vittoria Primary20971%33%28.6
Walker Primary42292%34%31.6
Walnut Tree Walk Primary29487%30%29.9
Waltham Holy Cross Junior33274%22%28.5
Wanstead Church25279%45%29.8
Warren Junior46696%46%31.2
Welbourne Primary54581%12%28.2
Wellington Primary39482%18%29.1
Wells Park400%0%20.7
Wells Primary34995%39%31.0
West Green Primary24693%22%28.7
West Grove Primary46778%28%29.5
West Ham Church Primary36080%16%28.3
Weston Park Primary32281%48%29.8
Whitefields and Centre3330%0%12.2
Whitehall ParkNEW
Whitehall Primary47872%31%28.1
Whitmore Primary41873%22%27.5
Whittingham Primary Academy465100%39%31.3
Whybridge Junior24078%22%28.9
Wilbury Primary95177%17%28.0
William Bellamy Primary99663%12%26.9
William Davies Primary25680%23%28.9
William Davis Primary23182%18%28.8
William Ford C of E Primary35799%52%32.0
William Patten Primary464100%24%31.1
William Torbitt Primary68278%30%29.3
Willow Bank Primary229
Willow Dene1590%0%12.6
Windrush Primary43093%50%31.4
Wingfield Primary21674%26%28.7
Winsor Primary58865%14%26.9
Winston Way Primary71579%26%28.4
Winton Primary19487%26%30.1
Wohl Ilford Jewish Primary36186%17%28.8
Wolfson Hillel Primary46479%37%29.8
Woodberry Down Community Primary49776%20%28.5
Woodford Green Primary21680%28%28.8
Woodhill Primary54084%30%29.8
Woodlands Junior46775%25%28.4
Woodpecker Hall Primary Academy239
Woodside Primary22897%27%29.6
Woolmore Primary26189%25%29.8
Worcesters Primary53379%21%28.0
Wykeham Primary43678%22%28.7
Yardley Primary51193%37%30.8
Yerbury Primary47293%56%31.8


  • Pupils: pupils eligibile for Key Stage 2 assessment - this number includes pupils absent or unable to access the tests
  • Level 4: percentage of pupils achieving Level 4 or above in reading, writing and maths. Most 11 year olds are expected to achieve at least Level 4 by the end of KS2
  • Level 5: percentage of pupils achieving Level 5 or above in reading, writing and maths - this is above the expected level for most pupils

Includes data supplied by Department for Education 2010-14

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