PEOPLE are being advised to step up home security following a burglary in Ruislip.

Jewellery and sentimental items were stolen from the home in Wood Lane after the garden lock was smashed on the evening of Tuesday, February 11.

Sgt Neil Roberts said although the number of burglaries had fallen there were still pockets of concern across the borough.

In an attempt to combat crime before it happens, a new initiative is being piloted.

Operation Bumble Bee, launched in the last few weeks, involves a sergeant, constable and community support officers patrolling burglary hotspots.

The team will also be knocking on houses in the area and dropping leaflets through doors.

Sgt Roberts said: “Crime prevention starts at the garden boundary.”

As well as installing good locks on doors and garden gates, he advised people to make an inventory of valuables, including photographs of objects such as jewellery.

Statistically, houses with a pet dog - no matter the breed - are less likely to be burgled, he added.

Guard dog signs and rubber spikes, to fit on top of fences or brick walls, are easy ways to deter intruders.