THREE generations of a family are celebrating completing the Hillingdon Half Marathon, spanning a time of almost 30 years.

George Bryant, 82, Harry Williams Bryant, 54, and Harry Thomas Bryant, 29, have all run the Hillingdon Half, with the youngest taking part for the first time last month.

He decided to follow in the footsteps of his father and carry on a tradition they had started.

Afterwards, Harry T told supporters 'never again', but has since changed his mind and wants to run again next year.

George Bryant took part in 1985 and Harry W has twice finished the race twice, the last time just under 20 years ago.

Both Harrys were the same age when running the race, while grandad George ran it the year Harry T was born.

Coincidentally, Harry T is about to become a father, so the tradition might continue to the next generation.

He raised approximately £200 for Dementia UK, as it is a charity close to the family’s hearts.

The three Bryants are former residents of Hillingdon and Hayes but now live outside in Daventry and High Wycombe.

The current Hillingdon Half, revived this year after a 10-year absence, starts and finishes at Brunel University.