BRUNEL University has been voted the top university in London and 27th in the UK for Student Experience.

The Times Higher Education survey noted the university’s centralised and convenient features are deemed its best points.

Brunel is one of the only campus-based universities in the London area.

Jack Rivers, a student there, said: “With this (being a campus university) comes the obvious gains of a fantastic community ethos and the feeling that we're all part of one big family, as well as the fact that it takes less than two minutes to get from your bed to a lecture!”

Sports were also a high point for students, along with the library, which has 24-hour opening during term, in response to student feedback.

Despite the widespread struggle with London costs, the fact that Brunel sits on the London border means prices are manageable.

Jack added: “The general cost of living is much much cheaper than that of institutions in central London.

“Uxbridge offers a pretty cheap night out, albeit not the best night out in London, but allows student to live on a student budget pretty comfortably!”