A STUDENT midwife from Hayes is the first to win a new national award designed to celebrate inspirational and extraordinary students.

Denise Ahmed, who is at the University of West London, was crowned thinkmoney's Inspirational Student of 2014.

The mother-of-four scooped the award, which includes a contribution of £1,833 toward her living expenses, after beating a number of strong nominations.

"I am finally making a difference,” said Mrs Ahmed. "If everyone does something small, then together we make a huge difference."

As well as studying to become a midwife, 33-year-old Mrs Ahmed is a multi-lingual translator at Hillingdon Hospital, where she trains and studies, along with being a charity fund-raiser and student union representative.

Her fund-raising successes include £300 for the Royal College of Midwives and £300 with friends for the Independent Day of the Midwife.

Mrs Ahmed was nominated by her friend, Lilly Le-Gourrierc, who said: "She put smiles on faces, love on broken hearts and plasters on scars.

“She has been blessed for this job, and the feedback I have heard from women in her care reduces me to tears and inspiration.

"This woman is a modest super-hero that puts herself last for the sake of everybody."

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