Readers reacted with amusement this week to the crude anatomical graffiti scrawled over a pothole near Vicarage Road.

And while it is clear what the artistic vigilante was aiming for, could he not have been a little bit more imaginative with his lewd creation?

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Given the state of many of the town’s roads, surely the extent of his artistic palette stretches far beyond the reaches of that impulsive scrawling which has graced many a toilet cubicle wall and school textbook in its time.

If you squint your eyes, much of the Ringway-maintained canvas on offer resembles a cubist masterpiece already. To match it then, we should expect any publicly-minded vandalism to be slightly more cultured.

Obviously we are not condoning that sort of behaviour in the slightest, but I would rather see a pavement Picasso or Turner of the tarmac than a purveyor of painted penises.