Selfish minibus drivers have been criticised for leaving their large vehicles parked on narrow residential roads, sometimes for a week at a time.

One resident, who did not want to be named, said drivers at Watford-based Lucketts had been parking in the north Watford area at the end of a shift, collecting their own cars and then driving home instead of parking their minibuses outside their own houses.

He said that during the school holidays, several minibuses were parked in one street for the duration of the break.

“Sometimes there are as many as three parked in one road with no respect for the residents’ parking,” he said.

“If the drivers are supposed to be home parkers instead of returning the vehicles back to the Lucketts premises, why are they not parking them near to where they live?

“It’s very annoying at times like half-term when they are parked up for over a week.”

He added that often the minibuses were removed of their branding when left for several days, and speculated that the company must have received complaints because of its drivers’ parking habits.

Lucketts said its vehicles were fully taxed and licenced with the local authority, meaning they were permitted to be parked on a public highway.

However it added that it would intervene if one of its vehicles ever blocked a driveway.