A new vegan junk food café opens in South Ealing adding momentum to the already snowballing vegan movement in Britain.

Angela Murphy, 53, has just opened Vegan HQ on St Mary’s Road with a business partner.

The café sells hot dogs, burgers, tofu wraps and sausage muffins and claims to be the first organic vegan coffee shop in London.

The new venture comes off the back of Vegan Cross and the arrival of Temple of Hackney — thought to be the first in the world to serve meat-free fried ‘chicken’.

Ms Murphy said: “I don’t see them as competitors because it’s a movement — I would support their business as I hope they would support mine.

“There aren't the places for a vegan kebab or something.”

East London, particularly Hackney has seen a dramatic rise in vegan shoppers and Vegan HQ is able to put West London as a suitable alternative.

London Vegans representative Brian Jacobs, 61, says the commercial base for veganism is quickly expanding.

The Vegan Society revealed that there has been a 350% increase of people following a vegan diet over the last 10 years.

Mr Jacobs said: “Vegans who just like junk food is an ethical choice that is better for the animals, that is better for the environment than eating animal based products.”

Veganism is now one of Britain’s fastest growing lifestyle movements and the financial incentive to sell vegan food means attracting the palettes of both vegans and vegetarians alike.

Mr Jacobs said: “More and more people are setting up stalls and markets that are doing vegan delivery service.

“They never used to have those a few years back.”

George Martin, 27, Facebook activist on veganism said: “It's not all twigs and leafs, despite stereotypes —  we can eat a lot of junk.

“We come in all different shapes and sizes — we’re not all skinny hippies.

“You’ve got big muscular vegans, skinny ones.”

Vegan HQ is located at 50 St Mary’s Rd, London, W5 and open Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5.30pm.