A couple who have been married for 60 years said “giving one another space” has been the key to a successful marriage – and their love of Watford Football Club.

Pat and John Slaughter, 79 and 84, are celebrating their diamond anniversary today with a meal in Prince George, in St Albans Road.

The couple, who are both Hornets season ticket holders, said having a lot in common helps a marriage but allowing one another to pursue your own interests is also key.

The pair fell in love after meeting on a bus in 1956, before bumping into one another at the weekly Town Hall dance.

Pat said John asked her to jive and the “rest is history”.

Although he cannot remember where he proposed to Pat, John said it was a year after they met, “probably immediately after Watford scored a goal”.

Pat said: “The thing I love most about John is his patience. He’s always been happy to let me go after what I want and supported me every step of the way.

“He loves that I’m part of the Leggatts Warblers and a volunteer at the Peace Hospice, and I love that he’s so passionate about the Watford Cricket Club and jazz music.

“We both come back to one another at the end of the day – and of course, go and watch the Hornets every weekend – and that’s really worked for us.”

The pair, who have three children, Neil, Glenn and Jackie, both agree that having children was the highlight of their marriage.

John, who has lived in Berry Avenue all his life, said: “Having children has definitely been the best part of our marriage – that and our five grandchildren and great granddaughter.”

The couple will also celebrate their anniversary at a party at their daughter's house on Saturday.