The creator of the web comic Fatherhood Badly Doodled has created a special illustration as “a quick guide and my reasons for voting, hoping this will inspire people out there”.

Peter Rasmussen, 40, who grew up in Denmark but has lived in Watford for seven years, particularly hopes his work will encourage young people to vote after being inspired by Action for Children’s #WhyIVote campaign.

I spoke to him to find out more...

What do you do for a living?

I work as an event’s organiser.

Have you always been creative? 

I have always been fairly creative. I always drew as a child but never thought of that being something I could do when I grew up. As a teenager I wanted to become a photographer and later in life I wanted to work in the film industry which brought me to the UK, where I studied film and video production. 

When and why did you begin your doodles/comics?

As my son, who is now eight, started questioning the world around him I began noting all his funny comments down in a tiny notebook. This quickly became three notebooks and suddenly I faced the question of what I should do with it all. They were fun to read but in the long run I would most likely forget to note the comments down and then what was the point.

So I thought illustrating the quotes and comments would be the perfect way of remembering all these moments. It was also a great way to improve my drawing skills.

Hillingdon Times:

I never thought it would be this much fun and luckily children are a smorgasbord of hilarious content so I kept on going. This year I reached a milestone of 500 comics which I am extremely proud of.

Sharing them online has been hugely rewarding and knowing people enjoy and relate to them has been amazing for my confidence.

Most important of all it has made the bond between my son and I even closer. We often read the old comics together and they crack him up. To see him enjoy them is the best thing in the whole world to me.

Why did you decide to draw something on voting?

My son hears my wife and I talk about politics at home so he often asks questions about the state of world. I think its fun to get his perspective on things and I like to share that with the world in the shape of my comics. Even if people disagree with the political view I'd like to think they still find it fun to read.

I also wanted to encourage younger votes to register to vote which is why I have shared it as part of Action for Children's #WhyIVote on social media.

Anything to add?

I try and incorporate places in Watford in to some of my comics - Colosseum, High Street, Cassiobury Park - and many of those are in a zine I recently made. People can get that via my website: