Anyone who has ever attended a council meeting can attest to the fact that they may not always be the most thrilling way to spend your evening.

Who am I kidding – they are often dull affairs where eyelids droop as the minutiae of seemingly trivial civil matters are pored over at length.

What a refreshing change it is then when something of real importance presents itself on the agenda.

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This week, the impending closure of a vital disabled children’s service – Nascot Lawn – was lambasted universally by members of both Watford’s Liberal Democrat and Labour representatives. Just the fact they agree on something is a turnout for the books in itself.

You can imagine the disappointment felt by members of the public gallery when they noticed that not all councillors present were as invested in the matter at hand as they were.

Two were spotted casually browsing the web as heartfelt appeals for help in saving the centre were made by those most deeply affected by it.

So while it seems that their bums were on seats so they could vote in line with their peers, their minds were elsewhere.

With such an important issue forming the focal point of that evening’s debate, you would hope that the elected representatives – your elected representatives – would give it their full attention. Sadly not.

However it is believed that the digression did not go unnoticed by other important figures present that evening, and that a discreet slap on the culprits’ wrists has helped refocus their attention ahead of the next meeting.