Children at a nursery have been treated to a few special events recently, including a double charity fundraiser.

Those at Bright Horizons Northwick Park Nursery, raised more than £100 for two children’s charities and also went for a day out to the park.

Dressing up as their favourite superheroes and princesses for the day, they collected £79 for Cracker Jack, which helps disabled children and their families.

It follows another fundraising drive, in which all the kids wore jeans for the day. This brought in £59 for Jeans for Genes – a national event which takes place each year to help support the half a million children in the UK living with the challenges of a life-altering genetic disorder.

Gosia Nowocinska, nursery manager at Bright Horizons, thanked everyone for their “generous donations”.

The children also enjoyed a day at a park close to the hospital, where they took advantage of the unusually warm weather.

Ms Nowocinska explained how they collected leaves for their activity of creating an autumn board, which allowed them to explore new shapes via printing.

“The children always enjoy a chance to get outdoors and explore the local community so long may this weather continue,” she said.