A CRACKDOWN on Hillingdon council tenants illegally sub-letting their homes is being widely praised.

It has reclaimed 36 properties in this way since April last year.

A ‘Blow the Whistle on Housing Cheats’ campaign encourages people to report anyone they believe might be fraudulently living in a council home or illegally claiming housing benefit.

An estimated £500,000 has been saved from reclaiming properties – prompting other authorities to take notice.

Toni Butler, of Yiewsley, who was previously on the waiting list, now lives in a three-bedroom house reclaimed from someone who was sub-letting it.

The mother of three said: “I am relieved to be housed permanently. The children have a garden and I now feel settled. My daughter is pleased to have her own bedroom.”

Garry Coote, corporate fraud manager, said: “Every call or tip-off that is made to my team is investigated and we will push to reclaim any property that isn’t being lived in by the correct people.”

You can call 0800 389 8313 anonymously or email fraud@hillingdon.gov.uk