VULNERABLE people in Hillingdon whose excessive hoarding may be affecting their lives, are to be offered assistance.

They will be able clear out clutter with the help of teams from the council’s housing, independent living support and caretaking service.

Increasing numbers of people are keeping too many items of little use or value, which can mean the tenant is living in unsanitary conditions where there is a risk of falling and fire.

Their homes can be overcrowded with no clear pathway through the disorder. It can also cause stress and affect mental health conditions.

The teams have developed a method of ‘creating space’, or they can undertake a one-off clearance and deep clean within the tenant’s home – depending on their need.

While the scheme is in its early days, it has already improved the home of one householder, ensuring she has a comfortable and enjoyable home.

The service is only available to council tenants and anyone wishing to find out more should contact their community housing team on 01895 556666.