A RUISLIP GP has swapped her career in medicine for a job working with young children.

Mother-of-two Cathy Seddigh, 38, has started teaching classes for Sing and Sign, a national group which aims to help babies communicate before they can speak.

Cathy, who previously worked as a GP at Parkwood Surgery, Hemel Hempstead, wanted to do something useful, working with children, while still allowing her to be a hands-on mum with Scarlett, 5, and Jamie, 2.

Now, she runs classes in Ruislip and Uxbridge two mornings a week. They have become popular with children below the age of two.

She said: “It’s a great opportunity for them to join in with other educational and social activities, like learning different animals, colours, emotions, and taking turns.

“Most baby signing classes are taught through music, songs and rhymes, supported by a variety of props, puppets and toys, which really keeps the babies happy and engaged.”

She recalls the first time her son, Jamie, signed back to her.

“He was nine months old and I was pushing his buggy through the streets when suddenly something startled the pigeons on the roof tops,” she explained.

“‘Drrrr’, he said, and made a perfect sign for bird with his hand. He gave me such a satisfied grin! Signing was useful for Jamie as he always had so much to tell me, but his mind was way ahead of his speaking ability.”

She added: “I would definitely recommend signing to parents. If you enjoy it half as much as we have as a family, then you’ll be doing very well!”

For more information, email cathyseddigh@singandsign.co.uk or visit www.singandsign.com