THE civic amenity site in South Ruislip is to close this summer.

Hillingdon Council has been fighting to ensure the West London Waste Authority site in Victoria Road is operating a good service for residents.

Now, though, the borough has been asked to take on all the running costs, even though 40 per cent per cent of users are from outside Hillingdon.

Between 2012-13 and 2013-14, the WLWA increased the charge to Hillingdon from £269,000 to £476,000 and now wants to put this up to £715,000 for 2014/15– an increase of 166 per cent over two years without the council having a direct say on the running or financial management.

Jean Palmer, Hillingdon’s deputy chief executive, said: “We have said all along we want the site to continue operating and regret the hasty decision taken by the West London Waste Authority to close their own facility and the impact this will have on residents.

“We are also very disappointed in the way the WLWA has handled this matter and, more generally, their running of the site.

“We are keen for a well-managed civic amenity in the area but have been given little time to reach agreement on Victoria Road’s future.

“We are being asked to take on full and ever-increasing running costs when 40 per cent of users are proven to be from neighbouring boroughs, which do not pay any share of the cost.

“We are therefore looking for an alternative site so we can operate our own facility that provides value for money and a good service for the residents of Hillingdon.

“However, whilst this process is underway and to give the West London Waste Authority more time to reconsider its position, the council is willing to fund the operation of the site for one month beyond the stated closing date.”

The WLWA have indicated their intention to close their CA site on Saturday, May 31.

Hillingdon residents can also use the Harefield Civic Amenity Site in New Years Green Lane free of charge on production of their Hillingdon First card or identification, such as a utility bill.