A WRITER returned to her Northwood school to do something all schoolchildren must do - read.

Only this time, the former student was reading from her own novel.

Tracy Trussell, who attended the all-girls school in Eastbury Road more than 20 years ago, read her debut children’s book, So What!, to current pupils.

The story centres around Daisy, a young girl who is having best-friend problems. She uses her imagination to cope, conjuring up scenarios to ease her distress and help her regain her confidence.

Tracy, a full-time graphologist, has written stories in the past but never made efforts to have them published.

Mary Short, head of St Helen’s, said: “The book has real character and teaches the girls that you don’t always have to follow the crowd, and that you should feel comfortable being your own person.”

Neil Jeffries, founder of pioneering children’s publishing company Digital Leaf, said: “Our books usually have a broad appeal but this one is definitely for the little princesses – young girls should love it!”

So What! is available to buy now, RRP £6.99.