AN enlarged urgent care centre at Hillingdon Hospital was just one of many health service improvements made in the borough over the last year.

Hillingdon Clinical Commissioning Group’s annual report for 2013/14 shows several big achievements within the community, with the aim of bringing care closer to people’s homes.

Among these was the introduction of an enlarged urgent care centre at the hospital, which has since reached its target of seeing 60% of patients who turn up at the hospital seeking emergency treatment.

Ian Goodman, a GP in Hillingdon and chair of Hillingdon CCG, said: “We are bringing care closer to people’s homes, where it is easier for them to use, and centralising specialist hospital care on to a specific site so that more expertise is available more of the time.”

Hillingdon CCG also managed to reduce its deficit from an estimated £12.2m at the start of 2013/14 to £5m by the year’s end.