A WEST Drayton man who made an estimated £102,000 from selling fake DVDs on Ebay and Gumtree has been told to hand over £77,800 of his proceeds.

It follows an investigation by Hillingdon's trading standards team.

Syed Rizvi, 32, of Spring Promenade, West Drayton, who is believed to have originally bought the DVDs from China, received the order during a sentencing and confiscation hearing at Isleworth Crown Court.

Taking into account his available assets, the judge ordered Rizvi to pay £67,800 within three months or face going to jail for a year.

The court also awarded costs of £10,000 to Hillingdon Council, which Rizvi must pay within six months.

Rizvi, who previously pleaded guilty to possessing counterfeit goods, also received an 11-month jail sentence, suspended for a year, and must do 200 hours of unpaid community work.

It concluded a three-year investigation by the trading standards team, during which officers were required to unravel a complex trail of illegal trading.

The team seized 265 counterfeit DVD box sets of TV shows including Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones and Sons of Anarchy from Rizvi's home in March 2014 and later discovered he had been trading under multiple online identities since 2013.