A jaw-dropping video showing two free runners from Hillingdon clearing a track of obstacles designed for horses is proving an internet sensation.

The pair perform spectacular leaps and flips as they race around the 6,500m track, tackling 45 solid fences on the Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials course near Stamford in Lincolnshire.

Their video is an online hit with more than 280,000 viewings in just four days.

The elite horses and their riders, many just returned from the Rio Olympics, will compete the same course at Burghley Horse Trials from September 1 and 4.

Shameem Abbas is 23-years-old and is a British Gymnastics coach who works for Better Leisure at Botwell Green Sports and Leisure Centre, while Mason Green is 17 and also trains at the centre.

Abbas and Green can be seen somersaulting over a ditch big enough to drive a Land Rover Discovery through and balancing on some of the competition’s 2m by 1.40m high fences in the event’s latest preview film.

Hitting in excess of 280,000 views within a few days on the official Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials Facebook page, the showcase demonstrates the level of bravery and determination required by the riders and their steeds.

Abbas, the freerunner and gymnastics coach, said: “Mason and I have trained together for a long time; we started free running around seven years ago. Running the Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials cross country course was honestly the most fun I have ever had.

"We are used to training in urban environments, usually all over London, so it was totally crazy to be out in the countryside doing something different.”

Jessica Hannen, Gymnastics Development Manager for Better Leisure Centres, added: “Shameem and Mason really demonstrate the versatility of gymnastics and how it is a sport for everyone. They both practice hard in the gym and this video is the ultimate showcase for their skills.

"Hillingdon Sports and Leisure Club offers some of the most comprehensive gymnastics facilities in the country, with courses and lessons available for all abilities and all ages. So anyone who’s inspired by their tricks and wants to give free running a go, should come along and learn some of the skills they have showcased.”

Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials Event Director Elizabeth Inman said: “The Land Rover Burghley cross country course is a demanding challenge for the world’s best horse and rider combinations, so the 6,500m track was quite a feat for the free runners as well.

“I understand this was a very different environment compared with that which Shameem and Mason are used to practicing their tricks - they described it as countryside playground.”