Olympic gold-winning distance runner Mo Farah believes he has a strong chance of winning the London Marathon when he takes part in the full race for the first time.

The 31-year-old athlete has told Runner's World magazine that if he makes it to the start line without injury, "I think I might win".

Somali-born Farah, who came second in the New York marathon last month collapsing a short time after finishing, also told how he will put running out of his life entirely when he retires from competition.

The runner was the toast of the nation when he won London 2012 gold medals for Team GB at 5,000m and 10,000m, but he has now stepped up his distances to the 26.2 mile discipline.

Reflecting on his chances in London on April 13, he said: "I don't want to say 'I am definitely going to win', but I feel really good.

"I have a good chance.

"The race is what we call 'fully-loaded' which means all the top athletes are going to be there.

"But you know what?

"I am one of the top athletes, so I would say that if I arrive at the start having done everything Alberto (coach Alberto Salazar) wants me to, and with no niggles, then I think I might win."

He went on: "Marathons are won in the last two miles and I'm well matched to what is required.

"If you look at the finishes from London in the past 10 years almost all of them have been won by someone surging with a mile or so to go and breaking the opposition.

"It's all over by Birdcage Walk.

"But if it did come to a sprint, then I have my speed from years on a track, so I have that covered too."

He pointed out he would turn his back on running completely when he stopped racing - and he looked forward to piling on the pounds as well as kicking a ball around once again.

"One thing I'm looking forward to when I retire is playing football - getting back into Sunday League and flying down the flanks, putting a bit of weight on and enjoying life.

"One thing I won't be doing is running.

"When retirement comes, I'm done with that."

Farah told the magazine's May edition, out today, that he had a tried and trusted pre-race routine of shaving his head, then listening to rap acts to get his focus.

"I like feeling the smoothness of the scalp and splashing cold water on it once I'm done," he said.

"After that I'll listen to some music, normally choosing from Tupac, Dizzee Rascal, Jay-Z or Biggy Smalls.

"It's the same ritual every time."

The sports star, who spends much of his time based in the US to train, said he missed a few familiar treats when he was away from home: "C hocolate - US chocolate is awful.

"And custard creams are hard to get too."