Wales' European elections produced a sense of deja vu after the 2009 poll winners all held on to their seats.

Labour grabbed the most votes with 206,332 - pipping Ukip by just around 4,300.

The Conservatives took third place with 127,742 and Plaid Cymru came home fourth with 111,864.

There was embarrassment for the Liberal Democrats who trailed in sixth - lagging behind the Green Party.

However, despite the repeat run in MEP winners, the talking point of the night was Ukip's surge in popularity among voters.

Five years ago the Eurosceptics won 12.8% of the vote - and saw them pick up their first ever Wales region seat.

But fast forward to 2014 and that figure had almost doubled.

Welsh political commentator Gareth Hughes said Labour and Tory tactics attacking Ukip for being "racist" seemed to have failed.

He said: "Rather than shrink the Ukip vote, the reverse happened and it consolidated support for the party.

"They also raised Farage's profile and confirmed him as the anti-establishment candidate.

"The fact is that Farage is connecting with the public in a way that other political leaders are not.

"It seems that voters have ticked the 'none of the above box' when it comes to the main Westminster parties.

"It's well documented Ukip made in-roads into the Tory vote, but it now appears they have also won votes from Labour too."