A 29-year-man who has convictions for downloading child pornography and spent eight months on a sex offender programme has lost a family court fight for custody of his baby son.

The man had also admitted sexually abusing an eight-year-old stepbrother when aged 15 - and said that in "times of stress" he watched adult pornography for as much as 20 hours a week.

But he denied posing "any sexual risk" and asked a judge if he could be the 12-month-old boy's sole carer.

Judge Stephen Wildblood said there was an "obvious lack of merit" to the man's proposal and dismissed it.

The judge also ruled out the man's estranged wife - the boy's mother - as a carer, after concluding that she had injured the baby and caused bruising.

He said the little boy should be taken into care and placed for adoption.

Detail has emerged in a written ruling by the judge following a hearing at a family court in Bristol.

Judge Wildblood did not identify the family involved but said local authority with responsibility for the baby's welfare was Gloucestershire County Council.