PACKAGING and graphics, brand names and iconic images, these are all the stuff of Peter Ashley's follow-up book More from Unmitigated England exploring aspects of our green and pleasant country that might otherwise be overlooked. On Peter's blog page he neatly sums up his preoccupation. "I am a writer and photographer who spends all his time looking at England, particularly buildings and the countryside. But I have a leaning towards the slightly odd and neglected, the unsung elements that make England such an interesting place to live in."

His exquisitely crafted second book reflects upon brewery labels, typefaces, cricket matches and storybooks from childhood. It has chapters devoted to passions such as Christmas greetings cards and the evolution of the postbox. While reading you cannot help but nod sagely at the sight of a Rupert Bear sketch or an Underground poster and Peter's languid prose only serves to leave one with overwhelming feelings of misty-eyed nostalgia.

In the chapter Englishmen's Castles, Peter even travels to home ground with a look at garden suburb developments such as Welwyn and Letchworth. Peter's preoccupation with the images that make up our island is ongoing. His blog is full of his latest snaps of neon signage and those cow sculptures that have invaded our cities, which were spotted by the author on an early morning.

Peter's devotion has its dividends though, people are turning up at his door with slightly battered and rusting ebay purchases to add to his collection of ephemera. So before you throw out that out of date can of Campbell's soup or chipped jubilee mugs spare a thought for Peter. He may well have room for what you no longer need.

More from Unmitigated England by Peter Ashley is published by Adelphi, priced £18.99 in hardback,