Alternative rock band the Marmozets will be gracing the main stage at Reading Festival on Saturday, August 29.

The band, which hail from Yorkshire, is made up of two sets of siblings, Becca, Josh and Sam Macintyre, and Jack and Will Bottomley.

Here Victoria Birch speaks to Jack about working with family, and the excitement ahead of the show.

Are you looking forward to the Reading Festival show?

Yes – it’s probably one of the easiest questions to answer that, really. We have done it a couple of times before and every time it has been absolutely amazing. It’s a great festival. We have been going to the Leeds version of it for years now as fans anyway. To play again and on the main stage, it’s a dream come true really.

Did you ever expect to play on the main stage when you were there as a fan?

No way. I remember the first time I went I was about 13 or 14, maybe younger, but I had always dreamed of starting a band and really wanted to do this. You can only really dream of that type of opportunity really. When it comes around it’s great. It’s really really cool.

Anything special organised for your fans?

We’re not too sure yet. We’ve got a tour before, then a week off, so it’s if we can put something new out potentially, or not. It may just be a standard set but more effort in to make it a bit smarter! (laughs).

You probably have to play favourites, as it isn’t just your fans there, but perhaps people who may not have heard you?

Exactly. This could potentially be 20 or 30 thousand people watching us, so it is kind of nerve wracking but that ‘s what it is all about. We are preparing well. We have done a run of three weeks of doing festivals, not quite as big, some of them as big, and bigger, and on bigger stages and where people will never have heard of us before. We use them, well not as a practice, but with those behind you so you kind of know what to expect from such a large stage aswell. It’s pretty tiring to be running on for an hour, there is a lot of space to fill!

How would you describe your sound in five words?

Loud, catchy, fun, dark, mysterious. How many is that? Weird and wonderful!

What is it like to play alongside your siblings? Any family squabbles?

It’s pretty good actually, which comes as a suprise to some people. We’ve never toured in bands before this so we have never had to go with a change of being with friends , then going with the family, it’s been like that for a long time. it’s easier if anything as it makes life more simple. We know each other so well so if we need a bit of time out or something you know them better than if they were just friends I guess. It’s much easier, I guess. It is for us anyway. It’s all we know but we find it pretty cool.

Who would you like to tour with? You supported Muse this year, and Royal Blood.

Royal Blood especially have become friends of ours now which is amazing as they are a band that we look up to musically, and as people aswell they’re great. If you could do more with bands like that who are cool guys with great songs behind them, that’s great. And we’d all agree, doing a tour with a band like Queens of the Stone Age or something. They are my favourite band, I have loved them for years. You get so massively influenced, like when we went on tour with Muse we learnt so much from the first show we did with them. The way it is presented, how it sounds, everything behind it, the whole team it is so inspiring – part of it makes you want to quit because they are that good! (laughs) The other part makes it want to give you a kick up the a*** come on, keep going! It’s good to get with bands like that and be inspired by them live. Unreal live every time.

Reading Festival is held at Richfield Avenue, Reading from August 28-30.