The Potters Arms is hosting a marathon of mirth for the Bank Holiday weekend with Clinton Baptiste, a clairvoyant, medium and psychic best known for his appearances on Peter Kay’s award-winning Phoenix Nights.

Clinton will contact the dead but beware: they will not always tell you what you are hoping for.

What message has Clinton got for the good people of Chalfont?

The spirits are telling me that you must come to the gig or pestilence will befall the area... or worse in the eyes of the Chalfont residents, house prices will fall and the Waitrose will close.

Is Clinton going to cast a chill over the Chilterns or are his fiery predictions more likely to Burnham and Cookham?

I am feeling it very hotly around the Chiltern Valley. But I’ve got an ointment for that somewhere, I think.

What is your spirit animal?

I have a Norfolk terrier in the afterlife who I ask about all sorts of things. He just stares at me. He’s a dog, you see. They can’t speak.

Is it easy to hear the voices when you’re foot to the floor down the M40?

The spirits go with me even in my car. I’ve got a satnav and an airbag in the front. It’s Thora Hird – I don’t call her that to her face.

Do you get any spiritual vibes when you’re in the Potters Arms?

I am sure I will feel it. But I will be needing a couple of pints of bitter and some Twiglets gratis just to summon up the spirits. Or some spirits, ironically come to think of it.

Who would Clinton bring back from the dead to shake up the Buckinghamshire set?

I’d love to bring back James Dean. He said that the Amersham/ Little Chalfont region has always been akin to his dangerous Rebel soul. L What props does the modern medium carry in his Gladstone bag?

I carry things that are essential to a man giving people readings (or truths) that are sometimes quite hard to listen to – some band-aid plasters, some ointment to put on any bruises and some holy water to protect me from any evil spirits that pop up. I also keep an ancient clay talisman figure from the Andes, some holy water, a spiritual book and above all a special packet of 20 sacred Lambert and Butlers.

When it comes to reading tea leaves is Clinton more PG Tips or Yorkshire Gold?

When it comes to tea, the ghostly spirits use Ty-Phooooo Wooooo! Just a little medium’s joke there. The spirits have become very fussy about their tea readings in recent years. There are certain of the modern ones who won’t entertain messaging me if I have made a pot with caffeinated tea as it sends their messages nine to the dozen and I know many health-conscious dead people who won’t read the cups if I’ve put sugar in it. That’s just sensible consumption.

What’s on the cards for Wycombe Wanderers?

Wycombe will continue to wander through the wilderness of a celestial land far away (from the Championship).

What can Clinton tell us about the future for Premiership neighbours Watford FC?

Watford will win the FA Cup. I have just been told by Puskás. And will Leicester win the league? Leicester will not win the league after that Knockaert ‘dive’ in the semi-final of the play-offs at Vicarage Road in 2013. The spirits are very fair like that.

The Potters Arms hosts some of the world’s best comedians once a month and now it is upping its offering with its very first festival.

Lee Hurst, Zoe Lyons and Steve Gribbin headline the comedy festival in Winchmore Hill next weekend, with all proceeds from the festival going towards Great Ormand Street Hospital and Sue Ryder. The three-day programme will have MCs Michael Legge and Russell Hicks and also features Darren Walsh, winner of funniest joke at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival last year with “I have just deleted all the German names from my mobile phone. It is now Hansfree”.

On Saturday and Sunday the pub will play host to Comedy 4 Kids so as to provide children’s shows, at 4pm, and a comedy workshop at 3pm on Saturday for those aged seven to 18.

Sunday’s News at Tent will be all about audience interaction with the chance to participate in shows and get involved with games.

The Potters Arms, Fagnall Lane, Winchmore Hill, Friday, April 29 until Sunday, May 1. Details: 01494 726222