"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food" recites Xochi Balfour, holistic health chef and author of The Naturalista.

She is reciting the words of philosopher Hippocrates in response to my enquiry into her food mantra.

"Listen to your own body and give it what it needs" she instructs. "Our bodies have such an innate wisdom and tapping into it is vital for true vitality: we are all different and what suits one person might make another feel terrible. Be your own guide and enjoy the relationship that opens up when you respect your body's signals and needs, It's magical. Usually alcohol, caffeine and sugar are the key things that put an energetic stress on our bodies; being aware of their levels and cutting down where possible is the first step to optimal vitality."

On a day-to-day basis Xochi's approach to healthy eating sees her go for the trendy foods you've probably heard a lot about but shy away from like chia, sea vegetables and golden milk. Her approach to health, however, is about far more than what she eats.

"It's all connected," she tells me. "Diet, natural living, mindfulness – we must focus on our beings as a whole if we are to be truly well and happy. Green juices and kale are wonderful but if we don't make a move toward a more chemical-free, organic way of consuming they will only take us so far. Nurturing the spirit is so important: our emotions are so powerful and have a direct effect on our physiology. We are much more intuitive and wise than we sometimes remember and tapping back into this is key in the whirlwind of modern life."

She should know, four years ago she began a street food business with her husband which led her into downward spiral of bad health before she turned things around and became the holistic healer of health she is now.

"After a year or two working crazy hours at markets and festivals and running on coffee, sugar and adrenaline, I hit burnout and enrolled on a nutrition diploma to get myself and my husband back on track. I began to see food as medicine, and the journey into wellness and vitality in all its forms sprang from there."

"I began blogging about the journey and creating easy recipes that were healthy and nourishing, and things just gathered pace organically. I adore creating content and taking pictures; The Naturalista just keeps on evolving and has opened so many doors for me."

Xochi is coming to the UK's first food literary festival this weekend, Henley on Food, where she will be making some natural beauty treats and a raw acai berry cheesecake which she says is "bright purple and totally delicious".

Henley on Food, Shiplake College, Henley on Thames, Oxfordshire, Saturday, April 30 and Sunday, May 1. Details: 01491 572 436