TRUFFLED duck egg, 35 day aged beef and an amuse-bouche served in a tea cup- dinner at Murrays at Whittlebury Hall is a unique and special affair.

The two AA Rosette restaurant makes a stay at the hotel next to Towcester, Northamptonshire really stand out due to the creative and impressive dishes.

Having spent the day in the hotel's remarkable spa, which has won a plethora of prizes, my mum and I felt well and truly relaxed.

The spa seems to have it all with a heat and ice experience, which includes saunas and an ice cave; heated water beds to ease your stress away and even a darkened, soothing room where you can fall asleep.

To add to this, we had a 50 minute back, face, scalp and shoulder massage with hot stones. This is the first massage where I was so relaxed, I nearly fell asleep.

My mum, at first concerned about how hot the stones would be, came out of the treatment room a convert and raving about how good it was.

After the spa day, which includes a healthy two course lunch, we retired to our luxurious hotel room, which was large, spacious and very comfortable and as it was a club room included a tray of goodies.

In the evening we went down for dinner and at first were seated in the lounge, where we enjoyed delectable canapés- an Atlantic fish ball, a poussin pate and beetroot and carrot crisps- which set the tone for the evening.

We were then led through to the Murrays dining room, named after Murray Walker due to its proximity to Silverstone, where there are humorous quotes from the Formula One commentator adorning the walls.

Once seated in the luxurious room we were served an unusual and fun amuse-bouche. We were given a tea cup with onion and brandy jam in the bottom and a sable biscuit on the side.

The waitress then poured onion consommé on top from a clear teapot and spooned some parmesan foam on top. It was such a novelty and was well-seasoned, light and gratifying.

For starters I had the ham, egg and chips, which was a beautiful plate of food.

Serrano ham was served with a gold brushed quail egg, small golden crisps on top of a coarse terrine with golden raisin purée.

Next to this was truffled scrambled egg served in a duck egg shell, which was absolutely divine. It was creamy and had just the right flavour of truffle.

The ham was thin, slightly salty with a great flavour and I loved it next to the sweetness of the purée. I savoured every mouthful of this delightful dish.

My mum had the Cornish crab with apple, avocado and parmesan. There were two cylinders of the moreish, fresh white crab served with an avocado purée and apple cubes.

Placed on top of this was a crunchy feuilles de brick.

For the main course I had the 35 day aged beef with Pommes Anna, horseradish, onion and tongue.

The three slices of fillet beef were served pink, and were moist, tender and perfectly cooked.

The rectangle of layered potatoes and butter was rich, yet satisfying, and there was a breadcrumbed ball of bone marrow which was surprisingly delicious.

There were cubes of salty tongue, delightful pickled onion and a layer of horseradish. It was all just right- the only thing I didn't like were the two little turnips, which I didn't think added anything.

My mum had the wild halibut fillet with fennel, butternut squash and oyster.

The fish was white and succulent with a crisp skin and was served with an oyster and scallop foam.

There were potato rolls filled with the squash and cubes of chorizo with a side of fennel and sea asparagus. My mum, who is notoriously bad for not trying new things. loved everything on the plate.

For dessert I had the lemon meringue which was presented beautifully with a slither of creamy lemon custard, soft Italian meringue on top and crisp French meringue on the side with yoghurt sorbet.

Mum had a light, moist banana soufflé with a light caramel ice cream and small caramel cubes.

As if this wasn't enough, we were served petits fours of an apple macaroon, Viennese whirl, chocolate parfait and mandarin jelly, which were all wonderfully done.

After a great night's sleep in the super comfy beds we had a buffet breakfast in the Astons restaurant the next day.

The whole experience at the four star Whittlebury Hall was faultless. The staff were friendly and helpful, the rooms comfortable and well kept, the spa had everything we needed and the meal was one of the best I have ever had. You will leave feeling relaxed and happy.

Prices for the Deluxe Spa Stay start from £139 per person Tuesday to Thursday and £159 Friday to Saturday. To find out more about this and other packages go to