ONE of the nation’s favourite dishes, the classic curry is often the first choice for a takeaway in my household, but not necessarily for an evening out.

However, I was made to feel at home as soon as my recent Indian adventure in Wooburn Green began.

In the past, my opinion of the perfect curry, like many others, would precede a night out or during a late evening in front of the television, but as my girlfriend Lauren and I were treated to a delectable meal at the newly-opened Indi-Grill, my perception soon changed.

The newly refurbished curry house in Wycombe Lane, Wooburn Green, has a clean and comfortable setting inside with tables set apart giving the impression of space and providing a welcoming atmosphere.

As we were shown to our table by our attentive and cheerful waiter, we were surprised to see the modern and chic furniture around us - a complete change to many nostalgic Indian restaurants in the country.

Almost as soon as we had been seated we were given drinks and a sample of the staple starter of poppadoms (£2.40).

Alongside tangy chutney and the spicy lime pickle, which packed a punch, the light and crisp bites did not disappoint.

After much deliberation over the varied menu I went for the chicken tikka, diced breast of chicken, marinated in herbs and spices and grilled in a tandoor, which at just £3.50 was well worth it.

These tender pieces of meat gave a slight kick to wake-up my taste buds.

As I persuaded Lauren to share starters, I was also allowed to sample her succulent lamb chops (£4.95), which were perfectly marinated and gave the right amount of spice.

For the main selection I benefited from the inside knowledge of the waiters who told me the Indi-Grill signature dish of chicken tikka masala sag Ceylon (£10.50) was a firm favourite.

It was subtly spiced, creamy sauce and delicious.

This was a change to Lauren’s milder option of grilled king prawn masala (£11.95), with the juicy prawns a contrast to the usual choices of chicken and lamb courses.

We plumped for all the traditional trimmings of naan breads and rice.

As well as being offered an evening in the restaurant's relaxing Shisha Lounge, we left our new homely surroundings with a smile on our faces and a return visit on the table.

Call 01628 520681 for details.