A LANDLORD who crammed too many tenants into his rental property and put their lives at risk by failing to install fire safety measures was hit with a £12,000 fine and costs after a Hillingdon Council prosecution.

Javeed Hossain, of Perivale, is the landlord of a three-storey property, operating as a house of multiple occupation (HMO), in New Road, Harlington.

Following a borough investigation into overcrowding, Hossain had to obtain an HMO licence, limiting the maximum number of people at the property to six, and instal a fire warning and protection system.

A follow-up visit by council officers found that not only had the landlord breached the licence by permitting 10 tenants to occupy the property, but he had failed to install the required fire alarm system.

There were inadequate fire doors, a lack of smoke and heat detectors and no emergency illuminated exit signs on the stairs.

Hossain had also allowed a pregnant woman and her partner to live in a room in the roof that was unfit for people, due to its restricted size.

He was found guilty at Uxbridge Magistrates' Court, where the council was awarded costs of £884.