A COUNCILLOR who started a crusade to improve road safety after his son was killed in an accident, has secured speed cameras on a dangerous stretch of road.

Councillor Keith Burrows, cabinet member for planning and transportation, became a councillor after his son David was killed ten years ago on High Road Cowley.

Mr Burrows told the Hillingdon Times: "One of the reasons I became a councillor was to improve road safety.

"From when David died in 1997, I was constantly badgering the council to do something about road safety.

"Then the late councillor Jim O'Neill asked me one day if I had ever thought of being a councillor. I suppose he thought it would be good to try and do something from the inside rather than the outside.

"I was elected in 2002, and even before I became a cabinet member with the portfolio for the road safety programme, I was trying to improve road safety.

"The cameras are expected to be installed in June in High Road, Cowley, to reduce traffic speeds and the possibility of further accidents. David died just before his 16th birthday on June 10, 1997.

"It does feel ironic that this is happening, in the tenth year of David's death, it does feel significant. In memory of David I am pleased, and it is long overdue.

"I think David would be proud, but not just because of this road, but because I am trying to make a difference to the whole borough, and improve things for other families too."

In the past three years, up until November last year, one person was killed on the 500 metre stretch of road where the safety cameras will go.

There were also two speed related accidents causing serious injury, five speed-related accidents causing slight injuries and nine non-speed-related accidents.