A woman who suffered from various mental health problems willingly took her own life, an inquest heard.

Lisa Jones, 45, who was born in Edgware in 1972 and lived in Wharf Way, Kings Langley, was found hanging in her bathroom two days before Christmas Day.

Coroner Geoffrey Sullivan concluded the inquest in her death as being suicide.

He said: “All the evidence and her mental health problems has led me to the conclusion Miss Jones willingly took her own life.”

Miss Jones, who worked as a company buyer, was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in her 20s and throughout her life she suffered from emotional instability.

Often relying on alcohol and drugs, Miss Jones self-referred herself to hospital between March and November last year and requested a support worker.

During the inquest it was heard Miss Jones felt guilty about something which happened in her early life but would not go into much detail about.

In December 2015, Miss Jones had a visit from her support worker and she said she could not see herself getting any better.

It was said during the inquest Miss Jones did have suicidal thoughts but she was concerned the impact of taking her own life would have on her son.

Miss Jones was last seen by her support worker on December 21 where they spoke about arranging another visit on Christmas Day due to her not having any plans on that day.

In the early hours of December 23, police sergeant Gordon King attended Miss Jones’ address in Wharf Way following reports her mother, Freda Gillespie, was not getting a response from her.

The fire service was called to break into the property and Miss Jones' body was discovered.