Villagers have called for a poll over a local plan consultation which has sparked concerns about four Greenfield sites being developed.

At an Extraordinary Kings Langley Parish Meeting called on November 14 to consider Dacorum Borough Council’s new Local Plan consultation, villagers asked for a vote.

The poll has been scheduled to take place after the consultation on Thursday December 14 between 4pm and 9pm.

The ballot question will be: “Do you believe the Green Belt in and around the Parish should be developed, as being considered in the Dacorum Local Plan 2017 consultation?”

The options will be: “Yes” or “No”.

The poll does not form part of the council’s consultation and will not be binding, but will give people in Kings Langley a chance to have their say on the development of its Green Belt.

DBC has declined to provide postal votes, so voters who normally vote by post will need to vote at their polling station on the 14.

Cllr Bob McLean, who represents Kings Langley, said: "It is most important that as many people as possible take part in the DBC consultation first - voting in the Village Poll does not replace the consultation".

Cllr Alan Anderson, who also represents Kings Langley, added: "The timing is not ideal, and I am angry about the lack of postal votes, but if there is reasonable turnout even in Winter, that would provide more evidence of the strength of feeling."

The sites being considered in the local plan include four areas within the Green Belt – Shendish, Hill Farm, Rectory Farm and also Wayside Farm, in Kings Langley.

James Doe, Dacorum Borough Council’s assistant director planning, development and regeneration, previously told the Observer: “Dacorum Borough Council is at the very early stages of preparing the new Local Pan for the area and carrying out the Issues and Options consultation.

"In terms of Kings Langley, the growth proposals range from an option that would require no development in fields surrounding the village, through to an option which would require the use of land that is currently undeveloped.

"As part of considering these options we are asking for feedback on a range of sites that have been put forward by landowners and developers. The Council has not yet made any decisions about whether any of these sites will actually need to be earmarked for development and will not do so until later in 2018 when we have had a chance to consider all of the responses received to the consultation and to discuss issues raised with key infrastructure providers.

“The ability of the infrastructure such as schools, roads and health facilities to cope with any increase in local population will be a key factor that will help us decide on which level of growth will ultimately be chosen for both the village and the Borough as a whole."

A spokesperson for Hertfordshire County Council added: “As part of the preparations for their new Local Plan, the Borough council is looking to identify potential areas for housing and economic development.

“This process includes pinpointing available land and how it can best meet the borough’s development needs. We have been asked for details about land owned by the county council to consider if our land holdings are available, suitable and achievable.

“This could eventually mean that some holdings will be put forward and potentially included within the draft Local Plans but this could be many years into the future."

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