Watford’s plans to increase the capacity of Vicarage Road to 30,000 are bold and progressive.

There is only one possible fly in the ointment. Don’t get relegated. The Hornets look virtually safe this season but there’s no guarantee Watford will stay up in the coming years.

After all, it’s one thing selling out for games against Manchester United and Liverpool, but who’s going to want to turn up for a clash against Wigan Athletic?

Watford are hardly an established Premier League club and it is hard to see 30,000 fans willing to watch Championship football.

In principle, there is plenty to like about the ambition of the club having regularly established sell-out crowds in the top-flight.

But the appeal of coming to games will quickly fade if the lure of Premier League football disappears.

By all means plan for expansion but not at the expense of the priority – a competitive team at the highest level in English football.