Cllr Bilqees Mauthoor was among many representatives standing for re-election on May 3.

Unlike politicians standing for the first time, those up for re-election have a record to be judged on.

Here the Labour councillor for Leggatts tells us how it felt to be voted back in, and her hopes and plans for the next four years.

How do you feel to be re-elected?

I am so delighted to be given another opportunity to serve the residents of Leggatts. Winning by an extra 400 votes just proves hard work and commitment pays off. I want to thank everyone who believed in me.

Now that you are elected what do you have as a top priority?

Apart from being on various committees, which are important, I would like to firstly continue working towards tackling loneliness and isolation within Watford. This includes working with all sorts of age groups and diverse backgrounds. I will, however, focus my attention on our youth. I think it is important that we think and nurture the next generation. Working in partnership with other services I am confident we will have a plan.

My case work has begun already and I have had very concerned parents wanting to discuss matters relating to anti-social behaviour, misuse of substances and the lack of recreational facilities for our young people.

Over the next four years I want to take matters in my own hands and want to demonstrate to people the difference we can make in local politics.

What is one thing you need the most?

Time - my diary gets booked up very quick juggling like between my kids, job, politics and even simple things like having my eyebrows done. I often find myself booked for being at two places at once.

I am looking forward to facing the challenges ahead to ensure that the people in Watford always get the better deal.