An elderly couple who will celebrate their Diamond anniversary say the secret to a happy marriage is “give and take”.

Ann and Malcolm Foote, 81 and 85 respectively, from Pinner, will mark 60 years together on May 31.

The couple were married in 1958 in Southbourne, Bournemouth, where they are both originally from. They met at youth club.

To toast the occasion, Ann and Malcom will be going for a meal with their two daughters, Christine, 58, and Susan, 56.

Ann and Malcom moved to Kenton in 1961 where the lived for 20 years raising a family, and then to Pinner in 1981 where they have lived ever since. 

Malcom is a life-long engineer who worked for GEC-Marconi in Stanmore, while Ann, who used to be a legal secretary, works as an activities manager for Abbottsford residential Home in Pinner. She is still employed at 81.

Hillingdon Times:

On the secret to a happy marriage, Ann said: “It’s just about give and take really. I am out and about every day where he is definitely a home bird.

“Having your own independence is important.”

Ann added that her husband had “always been there” to support her through difficult times. 

Ann and Malcom have three grandchildren, 27-year-old twins Darren and Kerry who are Christine’s children, and Rhys, 11, who is Susan’s son.