Poor Francis Durham (‘Brexit funeral cortege’, Letters, 5th June) is clearly still suffering badly from ‘project fear’ jitters as he equates Brexit day with a funeral cortege. Most have since been cured of this affliction as they have noticed that the sky didn’t fall in within weeks of us voting to leave, even though that had been predicted to be our fate by the now utterly discredited soothsayers of doom.

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I know there are many who still believe that the UK, the fifth ranked economy in the world, cannot possibly survive outside the suffocating embrace of the EU, but the facts speak otherwise.

We are doing very well with very strong employment and business growing. By contrast, the EU’s economy has ground to a halt in the last three months. Furthermore, years of stagnation and mass unemployment in states devastated by introduction of the disastrous euro has given rise to rebellion with several nations, including Italy, recently electing anti-EU leaders. There are increasing fractures all over the continent as the politically driven project begins to crumble before our eyes.

It’s fair to say that if Francis is looking for a corpse to inter it may soon be found across the Channel. Over here, we may catch a cold if the EU dies, but now we won’t be buried with it.

David Penn

Rickmansworth Road, Watford