Brent Council has condemned the killing of 130 Palestinian protestors in Gaza on May 14 and called for an independent international inquiry into the events.

It passed a motion at a full council meeting last night which criticised the use of live ammunition on “unarmed civilians” and said this “must not be tolerated”.

Israeli forces fired at protestors who were opposing US president Donald Trump’s controversial decision to move the US embassy from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem.

And as well as hitting out at this specific escalation to the long-running dispute, the council expressed regret at the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

“This council is appalled that more than two thirds of Palestinians are reliant on humanitarian assistance, with limited access to essential amenities such as water and electricity,” the motion read.

The decision was not unanimous – Cllr Michael Maurice spoke passionately against the actions of Hamas, the de facto governing body in Gaza that is considered a terrorist organisation by several countries.

And Cllr Neil Nerva pointed out that a local authority discussing foreign policy is “a difficult area”.

“I’m glad I do not live in Gaza, but I’m also glad I do not live in Israel just on the other side of the fence. This is not a one-way street,” he said.

He added that, while it is appropriate to discuss certain issues at council level, there has been less talk of, for example, Syria, Yemen or the displacement of millions during the partition of India at these meetings.

But several councillors were in no doubt that this was a simple decision, and they argued that the council must condemn the actions of the Israeli forces on May 14.

Cllr Roxanne Mashari, who has visited Palestine, said it was heart-breaking to see the “daily, grinding misery” its people face.

And Cllr Faduma Hassan spoke out against what she sees as a situation of “apartheid” in the region and she said councillors have a “moral responsibility” to debate the issue.

The motion, which was brought by Cllr Kieron Gill, was comfortably approved with few voting against it or abstaining.