Brent Council has vowed to tackle drug-dealing and prostitution in high street phone boxes across the borough.

It comes after public concerns over the prevalence of illegal and anti-social behaviour taking place in and around the boxes, some of which are rarely used for calls.

Cllr Mili Patel explained that she had been sent a video from a concerned parent in Harlesden ward showing phone box prostitution.

Others spoke of feeling too scared to walk along high streets at night and Cllr Patel believes that there is an unnecessarily high number of boxes in several areas.

She wants the council to work together to solve these issues and said it is important to lobby BT over their obligations to ensuring these phone boxes are looked after.

“It is not right that my residents have to face this when they walk the high street,” she said.

“We’ve told BT this and I believe the council have told BT this as well. But it seems that, as long as the coins keep dropping in the slot, the company is happy to see their phone boxes support these practices.”

Cllr Muhammed Butt, leader of Brent Council, confirmed that it has held meetings with BT over the possible removal of phone boxes.

“The pressure on BT needs to remain; they have a responsibility to look after their phone boxes,” he added.

In a written response to a public question on the matter, the council explained that its anti-social behaviour team has, historically, had success in having problematic phone boxes removed.

But, in April 2017, BT said it would only remove them if the party making the request would consider covering removal costs.

BT has been contacted for comment.