A pub sparked outrage after it suggested people on a neighbouring estate were “hooligans”.

In a recent Facebook post, a representative from The Royal Oak in Watford Heath said its upcoming World Cup match screenings would be private events - and implied it was because they didn’t want people in South Oxhey coming over and causing trouble.

The post read: “Due to the closures of three pubs in the area and the increased risk of 'new clientele"'that we got to witness on Saturday, it will be guest only for the England game."

It finished: “We forget that South Oxhey is just over the bridge and why the pubs have all closed for the games. #southoxheymassive #restecp.”

There was another reference to 1990s television character Ali G with the line “Football hooliganism ay!”

Though some people may have seen it all as a bit of a joke, others have taken offence.

Hillingdon Times:

Nicola Ford, who has lived in the area all her life, said: “This generalisation is not fair. Our own pubs have been shut down for many reasons but this post is uncalled for.

“The area is going through change but we still seem to be tarnished with this 1980s tag.

“It was the last comment in particular that riled me. I certainly won’t be going there.

“I don’t think the pub expected the backlash they have received.”

Sam Bird said: “I am disgusted. How dare the Royal Oak generalise. Pure snobbery and social and demographic discrimination. As a regular client of this establishment clearly my well-earned money has not been appreciated.

“As such I will no longer be spending another penny with them. I will be telling them this in person.”

South Oxhey councillor Steve Cox believes there was an undertone to the post which was “unnecessary”.

He said: “It’s all a bit of an own-goal by the pub. Everyone can take a joke, but there was an unfortunate undertone to the post which was unnecessary. This may be small beer to the Royal Oak, but it has understandably caused considerable offence."

Wednesday’s match against Croatia will be ticket-only while on Sunday there will be a private event, tickets for which cost £20.

The Royal Oak declined to comment.

Yesterday, The Pavilion pub in Oxhey Hall caused anger after it announced it would charge £10 to attend tomorrow night’s match.