Plans to build 23 council homes alongside “improved” community facilities were backed by Brent Council’s cabinet, despite clear opposition from neighbours.

The proposals for the Carlton and Granville Centres in South Kilburn will see adaptations to the nursery at the site, a new café and a host of “affordable” community spaces.

According to the council, the “much-needed” social housing will be built by 2022.

The impact the new housing would have on the existing South Kilburn community was at the centre of the debate.

Leslie Barson, speaking against the proposals, suggested the needs of the community centres would conflict with those of the new tenants.

David Kaye, chairman of the Kilburn branch of the Labour Party, urged the cabinet to protect the community aspect of the site at all costs.

“You are there to provide facilities to the community but are putting a profit-making case above their needs,” he said.

But cabinet members argued that revamping Carlton and Granville and providing new council homes would enhance the community.

Cllr Shama Tatler, responsible for regeneration, highways and planning at Brent Council, said: “People told us they want to live in friendly, inclusive neighbourhoods, with good quality and accessible community resources.

“The new facilities are part of that exciting community vision and will help to build on the real sense of place and belonging that residents in South Kilburn already feel.”

Cllr Tom Miller noted that “building social housing is not an anti-community thing” while several members explained the need to take “every chance” to build more council homes when they arise.

“It means being creative and working with local people in different areas,” said Cllr Eleanor Southwood, responsible for housing at Brent Council.

“We have so little land to build on and 23 homes in one place is a massive opportunity and to not take it would be negligent.”

Some concerns remained about the management of the new community facilities, which will be operated by the South Kilburn Trust.

Ros Dunn, chairman of the trustees, assured the meeting that the community will be at the heart of the new facilities, which, she said, will be “better than what is currently there”.

But Pete Firmin, chairman of the South Kilburn Residents Association, was unconvinced by the plans.

He said: “We would not only question putting housing on the site but handing over the community to South Kilburn Trust when it has no accountability to the people.”