A junior school that was expanded at its council’s request could be shrunk again as part of the borough’s new school places strategy.

Brent Council’s cabinet agreed to launch an informal consultation at Roe Green Strathcona School, Wembley, which could see it closed down.

And the Roe Green Junior School, in Kingsbury, would see its age range drop from 4-11 to 4-7, while the number of available places would be reduced by 30 to 120.

The council’s school places strategy for 2019-2023 aims to reduce the demand for school places in Brent.

A council report explained that the measures at Roe Green would contribute towards this, while dwindling class numbers at the Strathcona site motivated the suggestions.

It added that the projected increased demand for nearby schools means it is “not considered to be sustainable or required”.

But executive headteacher Nicole Lobo noted that the decision will have implications for those currently involved at Strathcona.

“We have delivered on everything that the borough asked of us,” she said. “If this were to close, it will have a huge impact not just on the pupils but the staff.”

Cllr Muhammed Butt, leader of Brent Council, said he “totally understands” where the school is coming from but that it has a “duty” to manage all places in the region.

He said he was grateful for the expansion at a time when demand was high and vowed to listen to Mrs Lobo’s concerns over the potential closure.