Train operator London Northwestern Railway has said it is "seriously considering" whether it can increase capacity on the morning services at Kings Langley and Apsley after last week's chaos.

Overcrowding on the 8.03am train last Monday (May 20) meant many passengers were left on the platform waiting for the next train, risking being late for work.

The railway's new timetable began last week and meant new services from Watford to London were introduced to increase the number of seats for commuters.

But for passengers at Kings Langley and Apsley, the 8.03am train on Monday, May 20 was shortened from 12 to four carriages.

The 8am train was cancelled on Wednesday, May 22 which meant the later 12 carriage train was still packed by the time it arrived in Apsley.

Hayley Leong, one of many passengers affected by the shorter carriages and travel complications last week, said: “Most commuters have to then travel into the city centre once they reach Euston, the 8.13am train is useless to most of us as it gets into Euston at 8.45am.

“I then have to go to Farringdon which means I don’t now get to my office until 9.15am which is a big problem.

“On Monday, the train was reduced to four carriages which was carnage they laid an extra train on as a result but only because management were at the station!

“Yesterday the earlier train was cancelled and as a result this eight carriage train was crammed by the time it got to Aspley and no one could get on, let alone Kings Langley."

London Northwestern Railway said it is aware of the issue and advised passengers to wait for the 8.13am or 8.16am train.

Customer experience director for London Northwestern Railway Jonny Wiseman said: “We are aware that a reduction in the number of carriages on some services at Kings Langley and Apsley has been making some trains incredibly busy during peak times.

“We are seriously considering whether we can add extra carriages to the 8am departure from Aspley which we have identified as being a particularly busy service.

“We will be monitoring the situation closely over the next few weeks as passenger adjust to the new timetable to assess what options we have.”

Leader of Three Rivers District Council Cllr Sara Bedford said she had reached out to discuss the issues with London Northwestern's management team. 

She said: “At a time when we are trying to ease congestion and encourage travellers to use public transport, we should not be seeing passengers late for work, left standing on the platform or crammed onto trains in an unsafe and uncomfortable manner.

“Commuting by train is expensive. It should at least be reliable.”