ALL but two current council wards in Hillingdon will change as a result of the Local Government Boundary Commission’s review of the borough.

The Commission’s final recommendations propose that Hillingdon should be represented by 53 councillors in future, 12 fewer than at present.

It says those councillors should be spread across 12 three-councillor wards, eight two-councillor wards and one single-councillor ward.

In response to local feedback, it has made changes to its original draft, published in January 2018.

In the north of the borough, it has decided the Pembroke Park area should be part of Eastcote ward, rather than Ruislip ward.

It has also responded to local views and has changed its draft so the area between Larkswood Rise and Pike’s End will be part of Northwood Hills ward.

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Likewise, the open space to the south of Salisbury Road will also be part of Northwood Hills ward.

It has made another small change so that Ruislip station will be in the Ruislip ward, rather than Ruislip Manor.

In Harefield, there were objections to the creation of a Harefield Village ward alongside an Ickenham & South Harefield ward.

The Commission considered options to keep Harefield and South Harefield together in the same ward.

However, it considered this would not offer good levels of fairness for voters, that it could avoid dividing cohesive communities elsewhere in the borough or provide effective representation for local people.

It has therefore confirmed its draft recommendations in the north west of the borough as final.

The changes, and the full recommendations, are available on the Commission’s website at